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Pages that need an editor's attention.

Most commonly, this is because the page describes a particular resource but doesn't list a download URL, license information, or both for it.

This may be because they have a large number of broken links - in this case, it isn't the tagged page that needs attention, but the pages that it's trying to link to.

Often, this is because they're index pages with the links in no particular order - they need to be sorted (and grouped where appropriate). After all, those pages are indexes, not link-dump lists.

Sometimes, this is because a contributor couldn't find (or decided to ignore) the names that the freebies' creators used - the entries need to be given their real names back, and then sorted (and grouped where appropriate).

There's a special case here: sometimes a freebie modeler will make a model of a real-world item or person and give it a different name (for example, a morph of an actor will be named after a character played by that actor). In that case, we can use the real-world name, because that's the name most people know. We'll use both names on the individual freebie's page.

Occasionally, there's a technical problem with the page. (This is likely to be the case with a template or a module that appears on this list.)

Once in a while, there's a link on a page that goes to a list of freebies somewhere off the wiki. The items on that list needs to be added here, assuming they're still available.

There are other reasons a page might need attention - these are just the "usual suspects." When in doubt, check the Talk page for the page needing attention.

Please do not delete this category if it is empty - we might need it again later. (Although "MediaWiki:FreebieTemplate" will likely remain on the list as a false positive, because of the way that it is coded.)


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