Category handler/shared:

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-- This module contains shared functions used by Module:Category handler -- and its submodules.

local p = {}

function p.matchesBlacklist(page, blacklist) for i, pattern in ipairs(blacklist) do local match = mw.ustring.match(page, pattern) if match then return true end end return false end

function p.getParamMappings(useLoadData) local dataPage = 'Module:Namespace detect/data' if useLoadData then return mw.loadData(dataPage).mappings else return require(dataPage).mappings end end

function p.getNamespaceParameters(titleObj, mappings) -- We don't use title.nsText for the namespace name because it adds -- underscores. local mappingsKey if titleObj.isTalkPage then mappingsKey = 'talk' else mappingsKey =[titleObj.namespace].name end mappingsKey = mw.ustring.lower(mappingsKey) return mappings[mappingsKey] or {} end

return p