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License:Open Source
Needed:Millennium Big Cat

The Chakat is an hermaphrodite felinoid centaur. The name Chakat and the character is copyright © Bernard Doove. (See The Chakat's Den for details, artwork and stories involving this fascinating creature.) This is a Big Cat figure with human body traits of the head and torso, created by davewa. This is Open Source. The zip contains a tube top and arm bracelets for the Chakat.

Free resources for Chakat (Davewa) include:

Morphs and Textures[edit]

On the same page as the Chakat base files there are the following:
Chakat Head Shaping Morphs Set- bottom of page
Yowl's First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Texture Sets


Note these clothing items will work on Morphing game-res felitaur , other taur or chakat as well

buttoned chakat top
chakat conforming dress

fishnet top dress MAT
square collar trans MAT
leather apron texture
chakat dress base
chakat dress base- slit hem
flame texture for dress base
MAT pose for flame dress
chakat front dress
chakat singlet
pointy sleeved top
pointy sleeved top materials
Yowl's Chakat Belt