Cheap Fountain Pen Prop

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Cheap Fountain Pen Prop

Cheap Fountain Pen Prop
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License:commercial or non-commercial use
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro
andGenesis 8 Female

Cheap Fountain Pen Prop is a prop created by richardandtracy.

This set is a model of a cheap fountain pen.

It is specifically a model of the Baoer 801 fountain pen, which is probably a re-engineered and improved version of the basic Parker Vector fountain pen. The Baoer 801 was in pristine condition after 6 months, while a Parker Vector was worn out under the same usage. The body is metal, which probably helps, but the finish is durable.

The Baoer 801 is a really good, cheap fountain pen, and fills a glaring gap in the DAZ Essential Stationery Props set.

There are 7 material settings, a cap & body prop, two scene subsets with the pen either capped or posted (on the back of the pen) and four wearable presets. The presets are for G8F holding the pen in left or right hand, with it being either posted or uncapped.

There are two obj files of the pen and cap, scale 1 unit = 1 cm.

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