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Main Site:Cherubim
Cherubim Dress for V4
Other Information
Needed:either Aiko 3 or Victoria 4
andPoser (for the A3 or dynamic V4 versions)

Cherubim is a long-sleeved maxi-dress, created by Arien.

The download for V4 includes includes conforming and Poser-dynamic versions; send a request directly to Arien if you want a copy of this version of Cherubim.

The download for A3 includes only a dynamic version; this version is available through the Wayback Machine. This is Poser dynamic wardrobe; it cannot be used as-is in Daz Studio (although the paid DynCreator for DazStudio will allow its use in Daz Studio 4 Pro).

Free resources for Cherubim include:
Angel for Cherubim V4