Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai"

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Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai"
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License:Unrestricted use
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro

Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai" is a standalone anime-toon-styled pre-teen human female figure, created by Ghastly.

The base download includes the Lolo Hai figure, a minimal wardrobe (blouse, skirt, and shoes) and a pigtailed hairdo.

Lolo Hai is provided in DUF format, so she is usable only in Daz Studio 4 unless you want to re-rig the OBJ file.

Free resources for Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai" include:



Lolo Hai Utility Morph - Genesis 1
Okee dokee, I've created a utility morph for the Genesis 1 figure. What it does it morphs the Geneis figure into a rough approximation of what the Lolo Hai chibi figure so you can convert clothing and hair from Genesis to Lolo Hai. The hands and feet aren't an exact match so footware may be tricky and gloves will need a lot of post work, but for dresses and other clothing it does a pretty good job of making a mesh. Basically dress your Genesis figure up in the clothes you want converted for Lolo and then morph Genesis. Hide Genesis and export the clothes (base resolution). Import the clothes and then use the transfer utility to fit them to Lolo and adjust the weight maps as needed for a perfect fit (smoothing modifier may be needed too). or

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Lolo Outfits
Second skin or
Lolo Skins or
Skin Material Pack - Lolo Hai or
Skin textures for Lolo Hai


Ghastly reports that Lolo Hai is "Mostly compatible with Genesis" for poses. Her hands are different enough that her fingers need to be adjusted slightly.

12 Poses for Lolo Hai


  • Lolo Accessory Pack #1 includes "Hime Bunny" (a hime cut with bunny ears), "Lolo Pixie Cut" (a classic pixie cut with sawtooth bangs), "Lolo Pompom Fro" (an afro with "mickey mouse" updos), and "Lolo Ponytail" (a pulled-back ponytail cut)
  • Lolo 80s Catgirl includes "80s catgirl" (a wavy semi-long hairdo with cat's ears)
  • Lolo Butterfly Dress - Lolo Hai includes "Lolo Butterfly Hair" (a pulled-back style with ribbons and side-swept bangs)
  • Lolo Overalls includes "Cute Bangs" (a pixie-cut hairdo with bangs)
Lolo Imp Body morph
An impish body morph for the Lolo Hai chibi figure. Complete with hair and mask. or

Hair Textures[edit]

Colors for Pigtails
10 colors for hair and bows that are coming with Lolo Hai
MAT poses for Lolo hair
for 80s catgirl, Braids, Butterfly Hair, Cute Bangs, Drill Hair, Forelocks, Hero Hair, Hoodie Hair, Mech Hair, Mousey Bob, Shy Hair, Sweater Hair, and Witch Hair


Butterfly Wings for Lolo Hai