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Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai".

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities, sorted by celebrity. If any of the morphs here turn Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai" into a recognizable famous person, the entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as a Cosplay resource on this list.




Other Morphs[edit]


Breast Hip Bigger for Chibi Figure


Geografted Facial Features for Lolo Hai or


Lolo Hai Body Morph 1
Lolo Hai - Breast Morphs or
Lolo Imp Body morph
An impish body morph for the Lolo Hai chibi figure. Complete with hair and mask. This is a Cosplay resource of Midna from Legend of Zelda. or
Lolo Male Genitals Body Type Morph Fixes
These are some morphs that let the male genitals work with the Shoujo, Male, and Super Deformed boy morphs for Lolo Hai. or
Lolo Shoujo Body Morph or
Lolo Super Deformed Chibi Morph or


Sholo - male body morph for Lolo Hai or