Chibi Figure "Lolo Hai"/Wardrobe

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One-piece Clothing[edit]

Lolo Bodysuit or
Lolo Combinaison or
Lolo Combinaison1 or
Lolo Overall


Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Lolo CropTop or
Lolo CropTop Update or
Lolo Fourrure or
Lolo Sweater
2 sweaters: one simple, one with pockets - the material for CropTop applies to the simple sweater or
Lolo Sweater2 or
Lolo Tunique or
Lolo Veste or
Lolo Veste1 or

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Lolo Pantalon Plastron or
Lolo Pantalon Sport or
Lolo Shorts or


Lolo Doudoune or

Complete Outfits[edit]

Golf Outfit for Lolo
Hoodie Outfit for Lolo Hai or
Lolo Battle Nun - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Bloomers - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Blousey Outfit or
Lolo Cropped Top - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Casual Outfit or
Lolo Desert Dancer - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Desert Guard or
Lolo Desert Warrior or
Lolo Hadaka Apron - Lolo Hai
Two Hadaka Apron outfits for chibi figure Lolo Hai. One with frills and one without. or
Lolo Halter Coat - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Hero Outfit - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Jogging
Lolo Keyhole Sweater or
Lolo Majorette Outfit or
Lolo Mech Suit - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Mega Milk - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Neko Keyhole - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Pudding Girl - Lolo Hai or
Lolo PVC Maid Outfit or
Lolo Race Queen Outfit or
Lolo Retro Gym Jumper - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Roman Vacation - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Sash Dress - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Serf Outfit - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Shorties Outfit or
Lolo Shy Gal Outfit or
Lolo Slinky Dress or
Lolo Sloppy Outfit or
Lolo Sukumizu Outfit or
Lolo Tank Top Outfit or
Lolo Twintail Outfit - Lolo Hai 'or
Lolo Vest Pants or
Lolo Virgin Killer Sweater - Lolo Hai or
Lolo Witch Dress - Lolo Hai or
Mako La Mako - Lolo Hai or
Seaman Style for Lolo
Seifuku for Lolo Hai or
Sholo Sweater Outfit - Lolo Hai
A sweater outfit made for the Sholo male body morph for the Lolo Hai chibi figure or
Summer Trousers & Tops for Lolo
A set of three tops and a pair of trousers with some textures for Lolo.


Lolo Combinaison1 or
Lolo Swimsuits
Two different swimsuits for Lolo.

Sleep Wear[edit]

Lolo Pyjama or