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Chip is the male counterpart to Cookie - a toon male figure, "the Grown Up Gumdrop". He is not free; one can purchase a copy at DAZ3D.

Free resources for Chip include:



Faces and Morphs[edit]

Chip & Chip Dough Alien Face Preset
Chip & Chip Dough 06-11-17 Face Preset
Chip Pixie Antenna
Grandparents Morphs for Chip & Cookie (third from top)
"No-Ears" morphs for Cookie & Chip
Pierrot for Chip Dough (top of page)

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Generation 3 for Cookie and Chip lets Chip use Unimesh Male 3 materials.

Do-it-yourself Skin Kit (second from top)


Chip's Beard (second from top)
Long Hair and Beard for Chip (top of page)
Riley Hair - for Chip and Cookie link to the download)

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Hair Refits[edit]

Eventually, this section will go away, once these hairdos have their own pages in the free or paid sections above.

Hair Fit Poses for Chip
Fits Aether Hair, Agent Hair, Aiko 4 Bandana Hair, Basic Hair for Koshini, Billy Hair (unavailable), BillyHawk Hair, Cherub Hair, Clown Hair 1 (for James) (unavailable), Jai Hair, Jamie Hair Model & Textures, Mon Chevalier Hair, Rievel Hair, Short Hair 07 for NearMe, Short Layered Hair, Short Style for Hiro 3 (unavailable), and Surfer Hair to Chip, and has a new CR2 for NamiheiHair for Chip. (bottom of page)

Poses and Expressions[edit]

Chip Expressions
Chip zero pose (bottom of page)
Cookie and Chip Walk-cycle or
Cookie Pas de Deux (third from top)
Handposes for Chip (top of page)
Poses for Chip and Cookie

External Links[edit]

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Treasure Chest: Cookie & Chip