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Wardrobe for Chip and Pickles

One-Piece Clothing[edit]

Shirts and Other Tops[edit]

Free Tank - for Redspark's's Chip (Direct link to the download)
Shirt & Vest for Chip (second from bottom)



Complete Outfits[edit]

American Pioneers (search for "Pioneers")
Dressed for Christmas : (bottom of page)
Brat Pack for Cookie & Chip (bottom of page)
Cookie and Chip Academics (search for "Academics")
Academics Addon : (top of page)
Flare Pants & Sandals for Chip (second from top)
MATs for Chip Flares : (second from top)


Free Bathing Suit for Chip


Chip Tails for Chip (second from top)
Cookie Specs
also fits Chip
Hat Pack for Chip (second from bottom)

Textures for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

BavarianZZ for Chip is Unavailable
MATs for BavarianZZ : (bottom of page)
Chip Handyman
by Teknology3d; no longer available
5 texture sets for Chip Handyman : (bottom of page)
Chip Super Suit
Cyber Textures for Cookie and Chip Super Suit :
Layer Shirt
by Karth; no longer available
Textures for K4 & Chip's Layer Shirt : (top of page)

Pages to be Indexed Here[edit]

Treasure Chest: Cookie & Chip