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AoA's Christmas tree, rendered in Poser by Glaseye

Christmas is two different events held on the same day - one is religious (one of the two most important days in the Christian calendar); the other is secular.

So far, this page is about the secular event.

Mixed Content[edit]

Christmas Holiday Kit
Contains 38 .obj and .smg files: candles, candle holders, ornaments, cookies, stars, Christmas tree, tree stand, tree skirt, and more
Christmas Mailboxes
Two Christmas mailboxes, with opening doors and moveable flags. There are also parcels with decorations and ribbons to go on them. Tinsel and holly for the modern box. Big bow for the old-fashioned box. Snow for both and lots of mat poses.
Christmas Model Pack
decorations, wrapped gifts, and a candle; all in OBJ format (top row, left column)
Christmas Toon Bundle
snowman, adons, ribbons, tree, gifts
Holiday Decorations
DazStudio or
WooYah Freebies by Heidi
Fir Tree prop with green and snowy textures, Poinsettia props, Sleigh, Christmas tree, Pine bough props, and non-Christmas goodies



Charlie Tree
Christmas Tree or
Christmas Tree and Gifts (for DAZ Studio) or
Christmas Tree and Gifts (for Poser) or
Christmas Tree Daz Studio format Reload
not decorated
Christmas Trees
Christmas tree prop (third from bottom)
Crazy Spiral Tree
DazStudio. not really a tree
Fir Tree prop (top of page)
A Green Christmas Tree
Xmas Tree Prop + 100 Xmas Balls Prop + 100 Xmas Lights Prop
Modern Christmas Tree
OBJ. Stylized tree with gifts
Steampunk Christmas Tree
Yule Tree
has a Look at my Hair preset


5 Christmas Boxes
Christmas Gift
Christmas Presents or
Christmas Tree and Gifts (for DAZ Studio) or
Christmas Tree and Gifts (for Poser) or
Wrapped Christmas Gift Box
Wrapped Xmas Prezzies (fourth row from bottom, right-hand column)


An alternative poinsettia (third from top)
1x Bell with moving Tongue, 1x Bell size, 2x Posen G8F
Cadre Coeur
DazStudio. Heart Frame with a Christmas Picture or
Christmas Ball
OBJ format (second row from top, second column from right)
Christmas Ball
DazStudio. + Pose for G8F
Chrismas balls
Christmas Balls
Christmas Decoration
DazStudio. Deco tree with decorations (balls, stars, candles, birds) or
Christmas Heart
Christmas Model Pack
nine models (top row, left column)
Christmas Ornaments- 2009
Christmas Plant 1
Christmas Plant 2
Christmas Plants 3
Christmas Star
DazStudio. There are 2 different Christmas Stars + Pose for G8F
Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath (for DAZ Studio) or
Christmas Wreath (for Poser) or
Christmas Wreaths
DazStudio. Christmas Decorations or
FA Christmas Ornament
Frosty (the Snowman) OR
Fully modelled Poinsettia props (second from top)
Holiday Mistletoe
Holly Wreath
Merry Christmas (Text-object)
Ornament Storm - Dense Only
Plush Charms
Snow Globe
Snow Globe
Snowman 2012
Snowman Construction Kit
contains a textured snowman prop plus a hat, carrot nose and branch arms as parented props. Load Snowman 1 and then load the other props.
Snowman Props
a snowmens family, rigged toon character or
2 Sheperd's Crooks
Two pine bough props (second from bottom)
Wood Art Christmas Trees for Poser
Poser 11
Xmas Bells (OBJ Version) OR
xmas Ornaments

Other Props[edit]

3 Tableaux
DazStudio. Paintings with 3d frames Two with Santa Claus pictures or
Arah3D Holiday Hat for Gen8F and Gen9 or
Baubles Tree
candle stand
DazStudio or'
DazStudio. Christmas decoration with a star, a candle and a christmas tree branch or
Christmas Cookies
Cristal Tree Prop
Festive Fireplace or Christmas Fireplace - Self Illuminating for Poser row, third column) or
Holiday Stress Ball
DazStudio. Christmas Lantern. Comes with a plate of snow and a wreath or
Letters to Santa Prop
Letter box
Manger or Stable
Minimalist Nativity Scene
DazStudio or
Mistletoe prop
DazStudio. Gingerbread house or
santas sleigh
Sleigh (fourth from top)
Snowglobe 2020
Christmas pyramid


3DZ_SnowBoy (Direct link to the download)
LK Ness and CuteNess
DazStudio. Reindeer figures
Xmas moon
Poser/Daz Studio Toon character Moon, 2 texture maps for the Santa hat, 3 eye colors, several body morphs & expressions
3 simple poses for V4


Candycane Earrings for DAZ Studio
Christmas Santa Hat or
Novelty earring
Christmas tree earrings, smartpropped to Victoria 3; "The 'LEDs' can be animated to let them flash" (fifth from top)
Santa Clothes
for Geky
Santa Outfit for Pounce
Santakini for dazstudio Genesis 8 Male Iray
Santakini & hat
for House Mouse
Sunny Christmas for Bunny Girl
Xmas Outfit for V4
Poser only

Wardrobe Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Christmas for the Baby Luna Sleeper Sleeper for Baby Luna
Gaia Christmas for Gaia Dress
Irish Christmas Sadie's Irishmiss Outfit
Karanta Christmas for Mavka's Karanta Summer Dress
Punked Christmas for SteamPunk Bundle
Small and Lovely Christmas
Snowflake Colors for Sadie's Midnight Blue Dress
Sheer Elegance Party for Sleek Elegance

Hair Textures[edit]

Funky Christmas Whimsy Curls

Other Textures[edit]