Constitution class kit

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Constitution Parts kit
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Creator:Eric Den Biesen {}

A series of Props to build the TOS Enterprise (or to kitbash ships from the same components). It also adds registries for a number of Constitution class ships.

Free resources for Constitution class kit include:
Saladin class destroyer - PP2
The assembled ship, as well as additional components (Destroyer specific) for the kit, and Destroyer registries
Hermes class destroyer - PP2
Assembled ship, as well as scout specific parts for the kit, and registries.
USS Ptolemy for Poser - DS
The USS Ptolemy, a tug, as well as containers.
Ptolemy class expansion
Additional containers, as well as additional registries for the Ptolemy class
Hanger Bay - WIP in PP2 format
Made to fit inside the Constitution that comes with the pack, though nothing forbids you to use it with other ships. Quite bare, may need some additional props.
Connie Parts Expansion Set 1 for Starkiller's set
An UV-mapped saucer and a "neck" with a "wing" to build a "replica" of the Crossbow-class with the kit.
Add-ons for Larson and Longbow classes
In Obj format. Larson aft-section with nacelle pilons and Longbow pilons with built-in weapons bay. They may need a bit of resizing to fit the standard kit parts.

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