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Cookie! rendered in 3Delight in Daz Studio 4.10
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Cookie is a young-adult female toon figure, created by Lady Littlefox. She is not free; one can purchase a copy of her at DAZ3D.

From her product page: "Heralded as the Grown Up Gumdrop, Cookie is the darling mix of Koshini's legacy of playful young adulthood mixed with the charm and uniqueness of the Gumdrops."

Free resources for Cookie include:



Faces and Morphs[edit]

Animal Face Morphs (bottom of page)
Cookie Eye Fix
Finger Nails for Cookie
Joni a new character for Cookie or
Karra-Lynn character for Cookie Dough (third from top)
Klerry for Cookie
Lina, Lara and Lori for Cookie
Long Eyelash Morph for Cookie
Lucie for Cookie

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Generation 3 for Cookie and Chip lets Cookie use Unimesh Female 3 materials.

Do-it-yourself Skin Kit (second from top)
Eila for Cookie
Eila is a texture-only set for Cookie, comprising of one skin texture, one eye texture and two hair textures.
Eyes for Peaches and Pickles
Lashes for Cookie (LLF)
The Neverending
The Neverending are three unique texture expansion for Cookie. Rapture, Reaper and Ruin are the personifications of ancient powers, they have existed since the inception of time, and now can exist in your Runtime.
Poser ToonSettings for Cookie
Poser ToonSettings for Cookie Critters
Skeleton for Cookie


Lashes for Cookie (LLF)
Riley Hair - for Chip and Cookie link to the download)
Japanese Bangs & Teeth for Cookie

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Textures for Cosmic Cookie dress and hair
for Yesterday's World of Tomorrow: Cosmic Hair or

Hair Refits[edit]

Eventually, this section will go away, once these hairdos have their own pages in the free or paid sections above.

Chelsea Hair Fit for Cookie (third from top)
Cookie Cutie Pie Cap Fit
Cookie Tuned In Fits
Hair Fit Poses for Cookie
Fits for Basic Hair for Koshini, Front Tails Hair, にあ☆みぃ用ショートヘア, Aiko Toon Hair 01non-free content, "Aiko Toon Hair 03non-free content, Frizzed Headnon-free content, Helios Hairnon-free content, Jam Hairnon-free content, Sadie HairStylz - Ponytailnon-free content, Sadie HairStylz - School Girlnon-free content, Sadie HairStylz - Simple Sallienon-free content, "50s Ponytail", "A4 Bandana Hair", "Anime Flip", "Blunt Tails", "Bob Hair", "Charli Hair", "Cherub Hair", "CLOWN HAIR 1 (for James)", "Double Buns", "Hana Braids", "Holly Hair", "Josei Hair by PageOfCups", "KiriTe Hair", "Lolita Hair", "Pixie Hair", "Roll Hair 1", "Roll Hair 2", "Short Bob for Kururu by JPEG", and "Short Layered Hair" (top of page)
Neomi Hair Fit for Cookie (bottom of page)
Swim Cap Hair Fit for Cookie (second from bottom)


Chair and pose for cookie (site link)
Cookie pacifier
Snowball Smart Prop and Pose for Cookie
WinterProps for Cookie
ski, pole, sled and skater

Poses and Expressions[edit]

Cookie and Chip Walk-cycle or
Cookie Dance steps + bonus adventurer steps
Cookie Expressions
Cookie Pas de Deux (third from top)
Cookie Pose 1
Free pose set 01 for Cookie
Little Witch Poses (second from bottom)
Monkey Poses
Mzia for Cookie - free Poses
Skate Poses for Cookie
Skater poses for Cookie (second from top)
Some Silly Faces or
Some Silly Poses for Cookie or
Some Silly Poses Revisited
This was created years ago in Poser 7 or 9 and I have reworked them in Poser 11.2
Sugar Plum Ballet
6 Ballet Poses or (Direct link to the download)

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Didda's Cookie free items
Treasure Chest: Cookie & Chip

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