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CrossDresser is a Windows-only program by EvilInnocence that is designed to convert wardrobe items for one figure so that they can be used with a different figure. The program itself is free, and available at the EvilInnocence website .

The program requires the user to buy a license to export wardrobe items for use with a particular figure. (It will import wardrobe items without a license for any figure it can read. It looks for the cr2 extension.) For example, you want a V4 bodysuit to fit Terai Yuki 2. You would then have to buy the Terai Yuki 2 license to obtain the converted files. The program creates a new geometry file and corresponding cr2 file of the item.

Free licenses are available on the EvilInnocence website for these figures:

Paid licenses are available for over 150 other figures and morphs, listed here to show which wardrobe the software can convert: