Cyberoid Pinnochia 2.0

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Cyberoid Pinnochia 2.0
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Creator:Chris Schell
License:Commercial renders OK, contents not for redistribution
Needed:Anime Girl Kristin 2.0 (for the textures)

Cyberoid Pinnochia 2.0 is a stand-alone android figure created by Chris Schell.

Anime Cyberoid Pinnochia is based upon my own sketches and art works and has been influenced by many sources. She works hand-in-hand with my Anime Girl Kristin 2.0 found here;

Please note: that the two included Character Presets (Alita and Kusinagi) are based upon Characters from the Anime/Manga series “Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm”, and “Ghost in the Shell” respectively. They were created to pay tribute to the sources of the inspiration for my anime style of art... as such these 2 characters are intended for FAN USE ONLY!


1) The base Anime Cyberoid Pinnochia full figure with numerous body/head morphs and ERC controls, and a non-morphing Developers Figure to use for rigging etc (to allow users to create new outfits, poses etc). The figure includes over 100 body shaping/control and head/face morphs, and uses fully rigged Eyelids, Eye Brows and Jaw controlled by ERC dials that can be mixed and matched for a huge array of facial expressions!

2) Can use all of the Mat Poses, Textures, Clothing, Hair, Accessories, Pose Presets, and Extras created for my Anime Girl Kristin. Both figures share common UV Mapping and figure Rigging for complete interchange-ability between them!

3) Alternate mat poses and textures including; 5 default skin shades, various alternate versions of the base default skin shades ( over 20 alternate skins!), multiple eye mat poses that can be used on either Pinnochia or Kristin 2.0, and 2 custom Character Presets with custom textures!

4) 2 full clothing outfits, and multiple accessories specifically customized for Pinnochia, with multiple mat poses for a wide range of looks!

5) Tested in Poser 7, 10, and 11 (in both Firefly and Superfly), and DAZ Studio 2.3, 4.5, 4.7, and 4.9 (only tested in 3Delight).

Free resources for Cyberoid Pinnochia 2.0 include:

Cyberoid Pinnochia can use Anime Girl Kristin 2.0's free resources.