DShK Heavy Machine Gun

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DShK Heavy Machine Gun
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Main Site:https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/dshk-heavy-machine-gun/63178
Other Information
Creator:Gary Childress
License:commercial or non-commercial use

Quoting from Wikipedia:

The DShK 1938 (ДШК, for Дегтярёва-Шпагина Крупнокалиберный, Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny, "Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large-Calibre") is a Soviet heavy machine gun firing the 12.7×108mm cartridge. The weapon was also used as a heavy infantry machine gun, in which case it was frequently deployed with a two-wheeled mounting and a single-sheet armour-plate shield. It took its name from the weapons designers Vasily Degtyaryov, who designed the original weapon, and Georgi Shpagin, who improved the cartridge feed mechanism. It is sometimes nicknamed Dashka (familiar form of female name Daria) in Russian-speaking countries, from the abbreviation.

This figure of a tripod-mounted DShK was modeled by Gary Childress. The gun can swivel both horizontally and vertically.