Darth Vader armor for M3

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Darth Vader armor for M3
Download Links
Main Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20140709011758/https://www.vanishingpoint.biz/freeitemdetail.asp?FreeItemID=259 click on the title of the page for download initiation
Second Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20060319165809/http://www.ellpro.com/Poser/ellpro_poser_darthvader.zip (Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Creator:Martin Garnier, Scot Gilmore, Devin Ellenwood
Needed:see description

Darth Vader armor for M3 is a set of props and textures designed to turn the below listed items into Darth Vader in his signature armour: JHoagland included a helmet, cod piece, chest plate, belt, shin guards and shoulder pads. The textures are a body suit and a transparency map for the Genesis Rage Coat. None of the props are smart but they do come in position for M3 in the T pose.

  1. Michael 3 and Body morphsnon-free content
  2. M3 Hooded Cloaknon-free content
  3. RPG Series Part 4: Fighter Adventurer[1] No longer availablenon-free content (Cloak Transparency for Hooded Cloak)
  4. M3 Tunic Packnon-free content (Boots)
  5. Genesis Rage Outfitnon-free content (Outer Coat)
  6. High Elves: Warriors of the Forest for M3non-free content (for Gauntlets/"gloves")
  7. Darth Vader's Lightsaber (by Dodger)

Thus, this is a cosplay resource. It was designed by JHoagland
There are no mat files to turn the Hooded Cloak into Darth Vader's cloak but I believe that all you would need is fixmypcmike's transparency map that removes the hood portion of the cape. It can be found here.

No Hood Transmap for Hooded Cloak

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  1. 1 see Hooded Cloak, There is a listing for No Hood Transmap for Hooded Cloak that will work.