Dork Base Clothing

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Dork Base Clothing
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Dork Base Clothing is a collection of all of the clothing items that are available in the Poser content package. It is not an offical name but a grouping of items that are designed for the P4 Man. The items are:

Biz Shoes[edit]

Cowboy Boot[edit]

Dock Shoes[edit]

Men's Dress Shirt[edit]

Men's Jeans[edit]

Men's Overcoat[edit]

Men's Polo Shirt[edit]

Men's Shorts[edit]

Men's Slacks[edit]

Men's Sweater[edit]

Men's T[edit]

Men's Turtleneck[edit]

Men's Vest[edit]

Muscle Shirt[edit]

Running Shoes[edit]

Sandal Men's[edit]