Dystopian Square Soda

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Dystopian Square Soda
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Main Site:Dystopian Square Soda (Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Creator:AestheticDemon, Moebius87

Dystopian Square Soda is a free posable prop for Poser and DAZ Studio created by AestheticDemon and Moebius87. It is a sci-fi-styled square can of soda with 4 texture maps (3 flavors, ArcticFreeze, Demonade, Dyscola) and Label Blank (as a base to create your own flavors).

Free resources for Dystopian Square Soda include:
4 Textures for the Dystopia Soda Can
The 4 Textures are Cool Pepper, Korsacow Beer, Mother Russia Vodka Mix, and SoyaPop
Every texture comes in 3 types: new, used and trash
Dystopian Square Soda Flavors
5 additional flavor textures for the free Dystopian Square Soda Can
The 5 Textures are AnoleTea, Beer, BioCYC, NanoNitro, and Water
http://freebies.poseraddicts.com/dystopia_SquareSodaTextures.zip (Direct link to the download)