EasyPose Pigtails for Vicky 1 or 2

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EasyPose Pigtails for Vicky 1 or 2
Download Links
Main Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20060517120822/http://www.kuroyumes-developmentzone.com/~Cage/Pigtail_Hair.zip (Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Needed:Victoria 1 or Victoria 2

EasyPose Pigtails for Vicky 1 or 2 is conforming hair created by CagePage for Victoria 1-2. This product uses Poser Python script. It is highly recommended that you read Cage's help page to understand what you need to do to get things to work. DAZ Studio does have a hard time with some of the pz2 files. so unless you have some advanced skills this should be considered a Poser product.