Elf Dress

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Elf Dress

Cookie with SilverElf Cookie Face, wearing Elf Dress and Suzie-hair for Cookie. Pose from Goes Cute for Cookie
Download Links
Main Site:Elf Dress for Cookie
Elf Dress for Dawn
Elf Dress for Victoria 4
Second Site:Elf Dress for Cookie
Elf Dress for Victoria 4
Other Information
License:Licence for 3D Content Purchased or Downloaded from EvilInnocence.com
Needed:Any of Cookie, Dawn, or Victoria 4

Elf Dress is a "Santa's helper" style dress created by EvilInnocence. Versions exist for these figures:

Alternate download sites for the same wardrobe:

Free resources for Elf Dress include:


Textures for Elf Dress
https://www.sharecg.com/get_file.php?upload_file_id=54747 (Direct link to the download) This link only works if you are already logged into ShareCG