Elven Strapped

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Elven Strapped
Download Links
Main Site:Elven Strapped, for V3, Yaara & Kielo(Direct link to the download)
Elven Strapped, for V4 & Alice(Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Creator:Aery Soul
Needed:either Victoria 3 or Victoria 4

Elven Strapped is a rather risque top-and-pants wardrobe set, created by Aery Soul. Separate downloads exist for Victoria 3 and Victoria 4.

Free resources for Elven Strapped include:
Elven Strapped textures
https://web.archive.org/web/20110102025536/http://www.aerysoul.com/downloads/AS-ElvenStrapped-Textures.zip(Direct link to the download)