Ends With E

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Ends With E
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.sharecg.com/v/30343/
Other Information
License:Unrestricted use
Needed:Victoria 4
andVictoria 4.2 Morphs++

Ends With E is a set of ten character morphs, created by Whazizname for Victoria 4 and her Morphs++ pack.

According to the download page, the download includes:

  1. "Eddy" (Male) young, handsome bodybuilder.
  2. "Eica" (Female) young anime/ manga princess.
  3. "Eli" (Male) Grandad, Eloise's friend/ helper.
  4. "Eloise" (Female) Grandma, cookie maker.
  5. "Eneiqua" (Female) athletic, action girl.
  6. "Enju" (Female) young, cute, grocery store checkout lady.
  7. "Eno" (Male) lean, mean action guy, the leader.
  8. "Enrio" (Male) buff, handsome, good guy type.
  9. "Erenda" (Female) cute, curvy, best friend type.
  10. "Evan" (Male) young, bright-eyed, average guy.