Eve by Arduino

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Eve by Arduino

Scene from the pz3 file. Eve is wearing EvilInnocense's pants and top.
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.renderosity.com/freestuff/items/6866
Second Site:Wayback Machine(Direct link to the download)
Other Information
License:NOT for commercial use
Needed:P4 Woman
andObjaction Mover 1.01

Eve by Arduino is a reworked P4 Woman model which includes genitalia, created by Arduino for P4 Woman. The file contains a Poser pz3 file for the figures, Posette and the snake, and a set of 10 poses for Eve. The file provides Eve (needs to be unlocked by Objaction Mover 1.01), an apple, pair of high heel shoes, pose, and hair (a modified Kyoko Hair MK-II by Kazaburo). There is also a call to the Poser Rattle Snake with pose included.

Note:DAZ Studio can recognize pz3 files. Add a directory called Scene under Runtime->Libraries and you will have access to the file.

Some of the features of Eve by Arduino as described in his readme.

1-A new map that allows you to design with more realism and precision your textures. You could also use the old textures of Eve or P4 nude woman, you owe only make some small modifications to the old texture for adapt it to this new character. (The geometries of reference by me modify are those of "Eve V3 Evolution Gen" by Torino)

2-Eve has the new eyes, similar to those of Victoria. I have built these eyes following the Dan Ablan tutorial for Lightwave 6.0. The Eve eye reflects the light that strikes the object like really happens with the human eye.

3-Some new morphs (many of which "stolen" :] from the character of Plazio: "Latexa V1" (no longer available but LateXaV2 Character For Poser4 is), the best morphs for Eve). Grazie Plazio!!!! -Any correction in the joints between hip and legs. (There is still of the work for develop for better the joints)