Far East Girls Collection II for A4

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Far East Girls Collection II for A4

Redviper's Far East Girl for A4, wearing HMHM Hair (and glasses) and gymnastics_wear for A4
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.sharecg.com/v/62353/
Other Information
License:Non-commercial use only
Needed:Victoria 4
andAiko 4
andMellora for V4.1, V4.2

Far East Girls Collection II for A4 is a set of character morphs, designed by Redviper for Victoria 4 with the Aiko 4 add-on and Mellora for V4.1, V4.2. The Stephanie 4 add-on is also supported, but is not required.

The morph gives V4A4 an Asian-styled face and reduces her height noticeably - base A4 is 180cm (5'10") tall, Far East Girl II is 158cm (5'2") tall, and Far East Girl II Chibi is 142cm (4'8") tall. However, she can still wear wardrobe designed for the un-morphed Aiko 4.