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FemaSu 2011/PAE

FemaSu base character
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Main Site:Not SECURE Use at your own risk http://shop.poseraddicts.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=4128 FemaSu 2011 PAE (BUNDLE)] non-free content
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FemaSu 2011 is an alien figure created by Expressionimage. FemaSu 2011 came with a handful of poses, some morphs and alternate eye textures. The base version of FemaSu 2011 was sold through Expressionimage's private store, which has been taken offline.

FemaSu 2011/PAE is a more robust package including more morph and expression capability, a male morph and a wealth of poses. The PAE version was sold through Poser Addicts II.

FemaSu 2011 is not a free figure.

In 2011, the For Love Of FemaSu freebie competition generated a sizable number of freebies for this figure, many of which are still available free for download today.

This page is based on the list of freebies for FemaSu as it is maintained on the 3D Noir New FemaSu Freebie Compendium. The maintainer of that list has posted this information here.

Free resources for FemaSu 2011 include:


Faces and Morphs[edit]

Five Horn Pairs for FemaSu PAE 2011

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