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The page is the gateway to freebies for particular figures (the popular definition of "characters", as opposed to the technical definition of "characters"), whether the figure is free or not.

The page provides the user with various lists by type, creator, house content developers (Source). Please keep in mind that the lists under each of the subheadings are partial lists. For example, the subcategory "Sixus1 Media" does not list all of the figures that this creator created but if you click on the "Sixus1 Media" heading it will take you to a list of all of the creator's identified work. (At least what we have been able to get done so far.)

If you do not find what you are looking for on this page, please try the complete list of Figures. This list follows the technical definition of "figure", so it contains not only characters but also other rigged objects such as vehicles, some rigged props and such. That Figure list is much larger then the lists on this page.

Note to Contributors: Please add links to the individual pages, not to this page. Figures that we want pages for, but do not yet have, are listed without links (or with links to the download pages for the figures) - but that doesn't mean we don't want pages for other figures! If you have a list for a figure that isn't listed here, please create the page and make a link to the new page from here or select a category from the types identified here so that the figure will be accessed with the appropriate classification.

By Type[edit]

By Source[edit]


Including RuntimeDNA

See current list of DAZ Studio 4 Pro free figures on the Daz Studio 4 Pro page.

Halloween20Mix for Genesis Troll, M4 Skeleton and Grim Poses
Michael 4 Skeleton
Halloween20Mix for Genesis Troll, M4 Skeleton and Grim Poses

Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic[edit]

HiveWire 3D[edit]

Poser, SmithMicro, and eFrontier[edit]

And more - see current list of Poser figures on the Poser page or

By Creator[edit]

For a more complete list of all of the creators, see the Creator category. Note that only a very few creators make figures.




Fehn non-free content
5 Free Styles for Fehn Summerdress
Choose Color Style for Fehn Summerdress
DA-DreamColors for Fehn Comes as mc6 to use im Material Room., for Fehns Dreads and Hairband, and for Fehns Hat with Hair. Materials optimized for firefly& Superfly.
Fehn 4 Ceazuns: Morphs and textures 4 headmorphs - Spring, Summer, Autum & Winter, 12 new eyecolours - 6 with painted reflections, 6 real eyes. 4 new texturesets for 4 Ceazuns for Fehn + The missing buncup-texture
RA Fehn BONUS for RA Fehn
Onats non-free content
Feminize Morph For Nursoda Onats Figure.
Nos non-free content
Mr. Jack
Ronk non-free content
Additional textures for Ronk clothing or or
GOT THE BLUES Textures for RONK Clothing in Daz Studio
Ronk Aednik

Sixus1 Media[edit]

3D Universe[edit]

Other Figures[edit]

Free Figures[edit]

More figures can be found under SF Resources/generic

ActionFigure Barbara
ActionFigure Hal
Alien Reptile
Betty Pack code name : Cinthia - OSS agent
Cosplay Amy Elizabeth Thorpe
the character and texture "tire"
bibendum add on New textures and correction of some parameters
Alien Scout
Fully poseable character in .fbx format rigged in mixamo with corresponding textures.
Cosplay From Ursula K LeGuin's "The Word for World is Forest"
Cute 2D Toon or
Cynthia 1.2 Base
Danielle (Direct link to the download)
F 170
Futuristic Pilot
Toon Cosplay
Gladys Emmanuel
DazStudio. The download page has more clothes
Clothing package
coupe 01 pour guy91600africaine hair
coupe 02 pour guy91600africaine hair
coupe 03 pour guy91600africaine hair
Jartelles pour guy91600africaine Garter Holder
patins à glace pour guy91600africaine ice skates
top02 pour guy91600_africaine
House Spirit
"Pixi", neutral, girl, boy
jojo Rabbit
Adolf Hitler
Toon or (Direct link to the download)
MakeHuman v1.1.0 A-Pose Figure
This is MakeHuman v1.1.0 in default A-Pose rigged for Daz Studio. or
Jenny_petite (Morph)
Zombies (two morphs)
Man with riotsquad armor
Man with riotsquad-type armor, with helmet. and 18-inch baton in sheath on right thigh. Poser model.
Mawhonic BETA1
Cosplay Star Wars Resources One of the Pod Racers from The Phantom Menace
Meat Base
Registration required
Bermuda pour Minotaure DazStudio The cloth, the pose to use the Bermuda, 3 textures, and the poses for Minotaur and Satyress
Minotaurus Clothes A simple pants and coat for Ahtlonx Minotaur figure
short pour Minotaure DazStudio
Monstwer maker
DazStudio. Monster Maker There a 7 monsters and three people. Various expressions and head shaping morhps. Severel textures. And a few eyes. Its pretty much "Hito" from earlier. But better weight maps. You can still load any MakeHuman characters as morphs. Please read the readme for this. MakeHuman license.
MonsterMaker-HairFitsForSotoFlapTop Morph to fit Soto Flat Top(The old free version-I think.I doubt it'll work for the paid version.) to monster_base male morph. To use:Load monster_base. Set male FMB to 100% Load Flat Top set "fits/monster/male" to 100% Do not try to "fit to" monster base. Instead parent the whole figure to monster base "head" like an old hair prop. After you apply materials to Flat Top set surface "Scalp" opacity to 0%. Its not perfect but it fits my needs.(Sorry to use a product long unavailable but it fit easy and its still cool hair. And I'm sure many still have the hair laying aroud. I had to search through hundreds of old zips to find it.)
A Pants for monster maker
Pants for monster base Pants for monster_base ZombieMale2 morph.
Serre tete Bunny re-upload The Bunny headband for Monsterlab, the ears are adjustable!
skirt for Monstwer maker or
skirt02 for Monstwer maker or
Zombie2 Improved zombie morph for MonsterMaker. I also fixed up the texture a bit. So, when you copy to "my library" select to ovewrite files
My Voxel Girl 2017
VoxelGirl by Juniper Chew, an Original Figure for use in Poser software. Created in 2014, released in 2017. Free for commercial 2D renders. Free for non-commercial 2D renders. Do not use this item as an in-world game or scene asset. I generated the base geometry using Terawell's Design Doll software, and processed it using Shade 3D. I set it up inside Poser as a poseable figure. Please do not sell this item. Please do not re-distribute this item. Please do not claim it as your own work. Please do not use my Voxel Girl for adult (r18) renders. Please enjoy having fun with my Voxel Girl in your renders. Juniper Chew
Voxel Girl Missing OBJ
Toon or (Direct link to the download)
Om Nom The Siren
Papa Sage (Direct link to the download)
Peanut Guy
Realist Blob, V1
Cosplay. Figure for DazStudio, OBJ included
rBJD 2017 - a prop-only character for Poser
A poseable prop-only original character for Poser software use, with material shaders for the Head prop
Renamon Ver. 1.2
Cosplay Poser and DazStudio
Renamon buttons
Renamon Clothes Set 1
Renamon fuzzy mat
Renamon Tube Tops and Pants
Renamon 2.5
Cosplay DazStudio only
Rigidino, a little wooden man. Poser and DazStudio versions or
jupe01 for woodman DazStudio, Skirt and Miniskirt
rudy jager standalone figure
Cosplay Wolfenstein
Shukky's Humanoid CY-CO
This original figure that looks like a Aiko3 body. This data is made by shukky.
Snowman (second from top, middle column)
Sponge Bob
Cosplay One of the weirder looking species from the Skyrealms of Jorune role-playing game.
wehrmacht Officer standalone characters
Cosplay Wolfenstein
Lulftwaffe officer Addon
DazStudio. Stand alone witch. No clothes yet. Made with Hito, with a few improvments.
Zombie economics (Rastoman)
Stuffed bag with grass. Cool Suitable for versions from Poser 7 and up.

And many, many more scattered across the web.

Derived figures[edit]

These figures are derived from other figures. Somebody took the original geometry, modified it, re-rigged it and encoded the new geometry against the original, with RTEncoder or Objaction Mover.

NEA 2.12 bundle
A Posette based figure. It's RTE encoded against the original Posette obj, and uses Victoria 1-2 textures. It comes with a lot of morphs, a few textures and clothes items.
Nea 3 aeonia
A newer version of Nea, and as the orginal, based on Posette. It's RTE encoded against the original Posette obj, and uses Victoria 1-2 textures. It comes with a lot of morphs, a few textures and clothes items. It can use original Posette clothes (with a morph). or (registration needed)
Zenon is an attempt to do for Dork what NEA did for Posette. It has completely new head (based on Posette), a lot of morphs and uses Michael 1-2 textures. (the top of the page has non-functional links to an earlier version of NEA).


Extras for Gnobbit Materials
Gnomy male and female outfits for Gnobbit
Funky Colours for Gnobbit
Santa and Mrs Santa outfits for Gnobbit
Witch outfit for Gnobbit
HH Werewolf
HH Werewolf SBH freebie Here is my first good pass at a (mostly) full body fur.
H P Lovecraft
24 Expressions for Lovecraft 3D
Just the Toons: Vol 1 - Little Foxy
Cute Puppets
Daz's Skeleton Mats for Poser
TLC_Skeleton_Mats (Direct link to the download)
Genesis 8 Clones for Teena

Unavailable Figures with Free Resources[edit]

A subset of the No Longer Available resources.

Runtime DNA[edit]

With the closing of RuntimeDNA as a separate store, these might or might not eventually be available elsewhere... but not just yet.