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The page is the gateway to freebies for particular figures (the popular definition of "characters", as opposed to the technical definition of "characters"), whether the figure is free or not.

The page provides the user with various lists by type, creator, house content developers (Source). Please keep in mind that the lists under each of the subheadings are partial lists. For example, the subcategory "Sixus1 Media" does not list all of the figures that this creator created but if you click on the "Sixus1 Media" heading it will take you to a list of all of the creator's identified work. (At least what we have been able to get done so far.)

If you do not find what you are looking for on this page, please try the complete list of Figures. This list follows the technical definition of "figure", so it contains not only characters but also other rigged objects such as vehicles, some rigged props and such. That Figure list is much larger then the lists on this page.

Note to Contributors: Please add links to the individual pages, not to this page. Figures that we want pages for, but do not yet have, are listed without links (or with links to the download pages for the figures) - but that doesn't mean we don't want pages for other figures! If you have a list for a figure that isn't listed here, please create the page and make a link to the new page from here or select a category from the types identified here so that the figure will be accessed with the appropriate classification.

By Type

By Source

Not including the figures listed by creator, below.


Including RuntimeDNA

Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic

See Freebies hosted at Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic/Figures

HiveWire 3D

Poser, SmithMicro, and eFrontier

And more - see current list of Poser figures at

By Creator

For a more complete list of all of the creators, see the Creator category. Note that only a very few creators make figures.




Sixus1 Media

3D Universe

Other Figures

Free Figures

Ghastly's Chibi v1.7
DazStudio - I know we don't really need another human figure. But, Hito is different. It is meant to be a container that you can just pop a MakeHuman export into using morphloader. Please see the included readme.
House Spirit
"Pixi", neutral, girl, boy
MakeHuman v1.1.0 A-Pose Figure
This is MakeHuman v1.1.0 in default A-Pose rigged for Daz Studio. or
Jenny_petite (Morph)
Zombies (two morphs)
Meat Base
My Voxel Girl 2017
VoxelGirl by Juniper Chew, an Original Figure for use in Poser software. Created in 2014, released in 2017. Free for commercial 2D renders. Free for non-commercial 2D renders. Do not use this item as an in-world game or scene asset. I generated the base geometry using Terawell's Design Doll software, and processed it using Shade 3D. I set it up inside Poser as a poseable figure. Please do not sell this item. Please do not re-distribute this item. Please do not claim it as your own work. Please do not use my Voxel Girl for adult (r18) renders. Please enjoy having fun with my Voxel Girl in your renders. Juniper Chew
Voxel Girl Missing OBJ
Om Nom The Siren
Papa Sage
rBJD 2017 - a prop-only character for Poser
A poseable prop-only original character for Poser software use, with material shaders for the Head prop
Short Stack the Imp
Snowman (second from top, middle column)
Sponge Bob
Virus & U-Gene Organic
DazStudio. Stand alone witch. No clothes yet. Made with Hito, with a few improvments.
Zombie economics (Rastoman)
Stuffed bag with grass. Cool Suitable for versions from Poser 7 and up.

And many, many more scattered across the web.

Derived figures

These figures are derived from other figures. Somebody took the original geometry, modified it, re-rigged it and encoded the new geometry against the original, with RTEncoder or Objaction Mover.

NEA 2.12 bundle
A Posette based figure. It's RTE encoded against the original Posette obj, and uses Victoria 1-2 textures. It comes with a lot of morphs, a few textures and clothes items.
Zenon is an attempt to do for Dork what NEA did for Posette. It has completely new head (based on Posette), a lot of morphs and uses Michael 1-2 textures. (the page has non-functional links to an earlier version of NEA).

Unavailable Figures with Free Resources

A subset of the No Longer Available resources.

Runtime DNA

With the closing of RuntimeDNA as a separate store, these might or might not eventually be available elsewhere... but not just yet.