Flo Hair

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Flo Hair
Flo Hair for Antonia
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Main Site:Flo Hair Version 2.1
Flo Hair for Antonia
Other Information
Creator:English Bob, Heidi
License:"Downloads are offered for free use in your work, either commercial or hobby. Non-commercial redistribution is usually allowed, unless somebody else's work is included. If in doubt, see the readme file which is included in every Zip"
Needed:Any of Antonia, MayaDoll, MGPT, Posette, Sara 2, Stephanie 1, Victoria 1-2, or Victoria 3

Flo Hair is a long loose hairdo, parted in the middle and reaching the small of the back. It was designed by English Bob and Heidi for MayaDoll, MGPT, Posette, Sara 2, Stephanie 1, Victoria 1-2, and Victoria 3. The hair also has a morph for a pullback low ponytail style.

The hairdo was adapted by Les Bentley and Bob1965 for Antonia. Both versions can use the same textures.

Free resources for Flo Hair include:



50 additional textures for Flo Hair