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This is a list of props, figures, and poses with a food theme, concentrating on food props and figures.

The list of links provided here is based on the list of food-related freebies as it existed on on February 2, 2014. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from the list found on the DAZ3D forum as individual freebies gained pages here and URLs changed.

Some items on this list have multiple URLs. Unless otherwise marked, these are multiple sources for the content; you only need to download from one URL.

Pages to be indexed here[edit]

assorted Japanese kitchen and food items [dead link]
Food & Tableware
Mystic Nights Props: Food [dead link]
Mystic Nights Props: Household [dead link]
Trumarcar's FoodProps
Zippo’s food props
avalontree’s food props
Channing's - Toast and Jam with TC textures
toast, jam pot, and stick of butter
croissant, lollipop, cookies, and pumpkin
dango (sweet dumplings), katsudon set (breaded pork on rice), yakitori (grilled chicken kebabs) tenpura set, zarusoba (buckwheat noodles), okamochi (delivery box), chamise, yatai (roadside food stands)
Food & Tableware
Textures for "beer_in_schooner" - Real Material for Lab108's beer_in_schooner (Poser6 or newer) (FREE):
Free Food
Contains poser files for cereal, snack and can good as well as textures and UV's
Have Food! Smartprop for M4
hiyashi chuuka (cold noodles w. hot mustard paste), shichirin (charcoal brazier), watermelon slice, tonkatsu (pork cutlet), unajuu (broiled eel with rice)
Italian Restaurant Tables
Kitchen Pack [dead link]
Miam miam
Snack Pack (second from top)
Trumarcar’s food props
yosenabe (hotpot), donabe (covered bowl), gyuudon, mochiami (ricecakes and grill), takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and grill, kaki (persimmon), Japanese kid's lunch, cooked rice in bowl


Fruits and Vegetables[edit]

5 fruits (second from top)
A_ Pomegranate
A Touch of Lime
Apple (Spatz) (Click on “Poser PP2”, then click on “Page 3”; second row, middle column)
Apple (Geoffrey Sagers)
OBJ format (top row, leftmost column)
Apple (the fruit)
Apples (Jerry W Walsh) (fifteenth row from top, second column from left)
Apples (DigiDotz)
Daz Studio 4.5+ only
Apples and Basket prop for daz studio
Daz Studio 4.5+ only OR
Banana Single Object
Banana (the fruit)
whole coconut is Bryce only, half coconut is also OBJ
Cucumber (TrekkieGrrrl) (fourth from top)
Daz Studio Strawberry Prop
Free Halloween Pumpkin
Grapes (fourth from top)
Green apples
Winter squash, Japanese pumpkin (second row, left)
Morphing Mushroom with 5 Texture Maps (top of page)
Mushrooms (Geoffrey Sagers)
OBJ format (fifth row from bottom, leftmost column)
Mushrooms (Jerry W Walsh) (tenth row from top, second column from right)
Onions (TrekkieGrrrl) (fourth from top)
OBJ format (fifth row from bottom, second column from left)
OBJ format (fourth row from bottom, leftmost column)
OBJ format (fourth row from bottom, second column from left)
Peeled banana (third from top)
Props Pack - Grapes
Props Pack - Harvest Fruits
Pumpkin Free
Pumpkin Free 3D model
Formats: DAZ Studio with two Iray materials and some morphs that will help you to have variation and different types of pumpkins - .blend - .obj (The textures are inside the DAZ Studio folder - Runtime - textures - Olga - Pumpkin)
The Pumpkin
The Pumpkin for DAZ Studio
SnowFire Graphics Free Produce Set 1
Vegetables: Tomato, Asparagus, Avocado - Fruit: Banana, Cantalope, Grapes, Pink Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemon, Mango, Nectarine, Orange, Peach, Plum, Pears, Strawberry half, Watermelon
Watermelon (Jerry W Walsh) (fourth row from top, second column from left)


Bread, Cheese, Pie
OBJ. Cheese,slice,knife and board


cut fish [dead link]
Easter Egg (second from bottom, right column of page)
Egg Basket and Eggs
Daz Studio 4:
Egg Prop
Flour sack
Bryce 7, obj or
Food Props
Margarine Tub
"Messy Baker" Set 4: Dry Ingredients or
"Messy Baker" Set 5: Liquid Ingredients or
"Messy Baker" Set 6: Butter & Eggs or
"Messy Baker" Set 7: Cake Decoration or
Red Peppers in a Wooden Crate
wiener (fourth from top)

Breakfast Food[edit]

a cereal box
Eggs N Toast Breakfast
boiled egg (in an egg cup) and toast or
Fried eggs and toast or
Toast 2
with Jam

Complete Meals[edit]

1920 Food
"The eggs, bread and bacon morph from raw to cooked."
with sushi and onigiri (top of page)
Fish & Chips (seventh from bottom)
Holiday Dinner Props
Lasagna (top of page)
Nyotai Mori
sushi set (Note: Page has NSFW elements)
Pippin’s Tiny Table – French Toast
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Omelet
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Pasta
Pizza and pizza slice (third from bottom)
Pizza w. Pizza Box
Plate of Food for Curiously Thankful
Portly-Man Dinners / Frozen Dinner Tray Set AND
Poseable pizzabox with pizza or (7th item on page)
Sushi (fourth from bottom)
Thanksgiving Spread

Soups and Salads[edit]


Appetizers, Antipasto, etc.[edit]

Nothing here yet

Main Dishes[edit]

Casseroles, Roasts, etc.

Roast Chicken (Click on “Poser PP2”, then click on “Page 3”; second row, left column)
Roast Turkey
Spaghetti (TrekkieGrrrl) (second from top)
susi and sasimi
Turkey Baked
Turkey Fried

Sandwiches, Burgers, and related[edit]

The Amazing Morphing Sandwich
Free Big Burger Prop (fourth from top)
Hamburger Patty Object and Textures
second from top [dead link]
Hot Babe Burgers Cheeseburger
Hot Babe Burgers French Fries
Hot Babe Burgers Hamburger
Poseable Cr2 of basic Hamburger
Hot Dog (seventh from top)
Hot Dog in bun
Lamb wrap
Japanese rice balls (top of page)
Sandwich Props Updated! textures added!-textures-added
TaLLan's Idaburger

Side Dishes[edit]

a North American pickled cucumber, not a British condiment

Spices, Sauces, and Condiments[edit]

A1 Steak Sauce
Honey Jar


Berry Pie for P4 & P5 (fourth from bottom)
Birthday cake (TrekkieGrrrl) (fifth from top)
Bundt Cake
4 props together in a scene subset. 4 cakestand styles. DS 4.10+ Iray only or
Cake platter
Cake Slice
Candy Kisses [dead link]
Chocolate Sundae
Cookies (choco-chip and fig bar) [dead link]
Cookies, Plate and Pudding (third from top)
Cow Pie
OBJ. Bonus pie without horns...
Cupcake in .obj format
Delicious Cake OR
Donut (TrekkieGrrrl) (fourth from bottom)
Donut With Sprinkles .obj format
dumpling food
Frozen Treats
Get Your Sweet Bun Today!
Gingerbread Man (top row, middle column)
Ice Cream (sadaoka)
Ice cream cone
Ice cream cones (TrekkieGrrrl) (top of page)
Ice Cream Container
Ice cream half-eaten
Ice Cream Sandwich Box Prop
DazStudio or
Ice Cream with Cone 2
Ice Dream (eighth from top)
A Little Sweet Treat
cupcake; OBJ format
Mango Pudding
"Messy Baker" Set 8: Lopsided Birthday Cake or
ND Brownies and Cookies
OBJ model of Cake Stand and a Cupcake
Pie with plate (second from bottom, middle column)
puddings (second from bottom)
Pumpkin Pie (top of page)
Pumpkin Pie
DazStudio. Includes both a Whole Pumpkin Pie model and a Pumpkin Pie Slice model. Whipped cream and pie dish/plate included, and can be easily hidden in the scene tab. The colors for the pie dish and pie plate can simply be changed by adjusting the Base Color (diffuse) parameter in the surfaces tab. To match the decor of your scene, they also take well to any shaders you may have. Especially decorative glass and metals. or
Pumpkin Pie [dead link]
Pumpkin Pie 2 [dead link]
S’mores (mjc26250)
S’mores (TrekkieGrrrl) (bottom of page)
Sandwich Cookie
Snack Cake in .OBJ format
soft cream
soft ice cream in a cone
Stuffed cookie in .obj format
SugarShock - Just the Cupcakes
Toffee Apple OR
Toon Cupcake OR
Toon Ice Cream Cones OR

Candies and other Sweets[edit]

Boxes of Chocolates (bottom row, leftmost column)
Bubble Gum (second from bottom)
Candy Cane (theDuckPond)
Candy cane free 3d model
chocolate bar
Chocolate (Avros Designs)
Chocolate Peanut Butter cup for DAZStudio
Chunky Choc (sixth from bottom)
Cookie Jar
Japanese dumpling, three on a skewer (bottom of page)
Funny sweets
Lollipops and Suckers for Daz Studio Iray
Marshmallows (TrekkieGrrrl) (third from top)
Poser Petit Four
Poser pop candy
Poser suckers
Candies and Candy Tin
Rock Candy (fifth from top)
Shukky's TAIYAKI
Japanese filled waffle, shaped like a fish
Tictac boxes




Hot drinks[edit]

Bowl for Hot Wine Punch
Coffee Mug
hxn, obj
Free coffee mug (.obj file)
Hot Cocoa
Moorish coffee set
My mug
Paper coffee cup
Styrofoam Cup With Plastic Lid

Cold drinks[edit]

Beverage Service Set
Capitalist Pop
Cola beaker
with straw (second from bottom)
Drink Can
OBJ format (third row, right column)
DazStudio, frappechino, frappuccino....I do not know which spelling is correct
"wasp-waist" glass bottle
Milkshakes Props (Iray) or Milkshake props (Iray Only) or
Pepsi Can(Low Ploy)
Pop Cans
Props (Internetmoi)
cola can, plus unrelated items [dead link]
Props (Internetmoi)
cola can, plus unrelated items [dead link]
Soda Bottle (Kevin Forbes) OR
Soda/Water Cup
3ds, hxn, obj
Square Soda Can
Super Slushee
Water Bottle (third from bottom)

Alcoholic drinks[edit]

Beer (third from top)
beer can (TrekkieGrrrl) (fourth from bottom)
Beercan as .OBJ
Bierkasten, Flasche, Glas, Oeffner fuer Poser
beer case, bottle, glass, opener
Bottle and Stopper
CC Pipe Jug
corncob pipe and "little brown jug" (Direct link to the download)
Champagne (TrekkieGrrrl) (bottom of page)
Champagne (AdamThwaites) (second from top)
Champagne Flute Glass Prop
Champagne Glass (Jerry W Walsh) (sixteenth row from top, second column from left)
Cocktail Set 1 (top row, second from right)
Fancy cocktail (top of page)
Glassware, Ingredients and Accessories
A Happy New Year 2005
bottle, cork, and glasses (bottom of page)
Have a Drink for M4 and V4
looks like ‘Dom Perignon’ (left column, third from bottom)
Oldfashioned beerbottles (bottom of page)
Poser Martini Glass
sake set 01
Summer Cocktails (page 22)
table-set for daz3d with iray
Chair, Wall, Ground, Murals, Table, Tablecloth, Whisky bottle, Whisky Glass with ice cubes, Cards, Vase, Sunflower
Welcome Present
A crate of beer, an adjustable beer bottle and a beer felt of the brand 'Ero's Awesome Beer'! the adjustable beer bottle has a label that can be changed in shape, and the bottle itself can be adjusted.
Whisky and serving tray (second from bottom)
Whiskey Props
DazStudio or
Willybecher - Willy tumbler
wine glass / verre ballon
DazStudio or
Wine glasses
Wine related items - Poser ready props
Bottles, crates, corkscrew
Winebottle (TrekkieGrrrl) (fourth from top)

Kitchen Gear and Equipment[edit]

amphora [dead link]
kitchen cannisters
OBJ, kettle
la bouilloire pour le service a the
DazStudio, kettle or
Carving Knife
OBJ. Cheese,slice,knife and board
chest freezer (top row, second from left)
Coffee Maker
Cooking Utensil Set
DazStudio or
Dish Drainer + Morphing Dish Towel or
Game Aficionado – Cocktail Shaker
Good Cook Girl Utensils
outdoor portable grill
Horror Hatchet Prop for Poser - Updated
Kettle (TrekkieGrrrl) (third from top)
Kitchen Stuff
toaster, blender, and waffle iron
ladle / louche
manual citrus press / presse agrume manuel
Meat Cleaver
"Messy Baker" Set 1: Utensils or
"Messy Baker" Set 2: Measuring or
"Messy Baker" Set 3: Bakeware or
Moroccan Tagine
Moroccan Tagine (Cooking Pot) With Contents
Morphing Oven Mitt + Pot Holder or
Mortier et pilon
mortar and pestle
Old mill coffee
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, no textures or
pizza oven
Poseable 3D Kitchen Toaster
pot, pan, slotted spoon. regular spoon, and pot rack (bottom of page)
Pots and Pans OR
Shelves & Mixing Bowls (third from bottom)
OBJ format (second row from bottom, leftmost column)
DazStudio or

Pre-packaged Food[edit]

Can of tuna (fifth from bottom)
Carr's Melts prop for Poser, DAZ Studio
Dots prop for Poser, DAZ Studio
Grazia biscuits, Poser/DAZ Studio prop
Lasagne Poser/DAZ Studio Prop
Lipton Tea Camomille prop
UK style package
Popcorn box prop for Poser, DAZ Studio
Ritz crackers prop for Poser/DAZ Studio
Sardines in a can - Open and Closed
Spam (third from bottom)
Twinnings Tea Four Red Fruit
Uncle Bens Rice


3 Mugs or
AtoZ DetailTime Useful Items 1 Add On FREE byTiger9166
Baby Bottle
OBJ format (top row, second column from left)
Blue Teapot
Ceramic pot 1
Champagne Glass
Cocktail Set 1 (top row, second from right)
COF Coffee Mug/Prop (DS) OR
COF Coffee Mug/Prop (Poser) OR
COF Coffe Cup/Mug Prop (Poser Version)
Coffee Pot for DS
fruit bowl (Click on “Poser PP2”, then click on “Page 3”; bottom row, left column)
Crystal Goblet
Dinning Room Extra Props (bottom of page)
dish set
2 big bottles, 1 handsized bottle, 1 handsized water bottle, 4 glasses, 1 cherry, 1 parasol, 1 straw
2 big bottles, 1 handsized bottle, 1 handsized water bottle, 4 glasses, 1 cherry, 1 parasol, 1 straw, modified and resized for Vila
Fisty's Liquids - DS Shaders & Poser MT5s
includes a wineglass
Floral Teapot
GeneriCorp: Coffee Mug
Glass with straw
Glassware, Ingredients and Accessories
Goblet (sixth from top)
chopstick storage box
hashioki set 01
chopstick rests
Glass Tea Set
DazStudio or
Jatte ou corbeille
salad bowl
Jerry's Coffee Mugs
Kitchen and Picnic Utensils
Kyuusu & ocha chawan (12.5MB)
Japanese tea service
maruibashi - round chopsticks or link to the download)
Morphing Chopsticks
Mug (AdamThwaites) (eighth from top)
Painted Teapot
Pippin Feeding Time
bowl and spoon, plus poses for Pippin
Pippin's Tiny Table - Tableware
plastic chawan
Plate, Goblet, and Bowl
OBJ format (fourth row from bottom, second column from right)
Props Pack - Cornucopias
service a the
Daz Studio, Tea set or
shikakuibashi - square chopsticks
Single Cup
Sippycup link to the download)
Tea Kit
Tea set
Teapot for Daz Studio (Iray Only)
Teapot prop - Iray
Daz Studio
a complete service "in a kind of moorish style"
OBJ format
utah teapot, hires obj model
disposable chopsticks
Willybecher - Willy tumbler
Wine Glasses for Superfly or
Wooden Bowl (TrekkieGrrrl) (third from top)


Moved to its own page under "Furniture"


1910 Kitchen
Props cuisne
entire kitchen set


Other Related Items[edit]

farm milk pail
farm milk pail, closed
Brillo Box
Burger box (fifth from bottom)
Cake Box
Candy Box
Chocolate Box
Egg Cup Steele Wire
and a plastic Egg Cup
Food Container
Chinese takeout or
Low-Poly Plastic Cup
Textures: Normal and color-map 2k res. Geometry: 512 Faces, 466 Vertices. Available formats: 3D Studio (.3ds), Alias/WaveFront Material(.mtl), OBJ(.obj), Alembic (.abc), Collada (.dae), Blender (.blend), glTF (.gltf, .glb), Agisoft Photoscan (.ply), DXF (.dxf), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), Stereolithography (.stl), Unity 3D (.unitypackage), DirectX (.X), X3D (.x3d), VRML (.wrl, .wrz)
Low Resolution Water Jar
Markr’s Takeout Boxes
Chinese takeout (first, third, and sixth links)
"Messy FX" Set 2: Food Mess!
This second set of Messy FX features props to create food and drink messes in your scenes. The set includes a decal plane for use with powder and spill trans masks, 3 spill shapes, 1 pile shape, and 2 blob shapes. The shape props have morphs to make them more versatile, including a "from cup" morph for one of the spills. The shape props come with a variety of food and drink materials, both procedural and image-based. Bonus #1: Sauce bottle for Blob-B. Change the colors and make a new bottle label for any kind of sauce you like! Bonus #2: Mug and drink glass props set up for use with one of the spills. or
Panier repas
Dazstudio. Picnic basket
Picnic Basket
toon style (fourth from bottom)
PJS Heart Box
fill it with chocolates for Valentine’s Day
Picnic basket
Store ice-cream freezer
Tavern Furniture 3
Keg Tap for Poser
VendingMachine (NEW and OLD)
Voiture du marchand de glaces
ice-cream cart
traditional New Year's food from Nagasaki
Format: Blender (.blend, .egg), DAZ Studio *.daz *.ds *.dsb, OBJ (.obj)
Wine related items - Poser ready props
Bottles, crates, corkscrew