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A place to talk about Page Templates.

Existing Templates[edit]

These are all available on the dropdown menu on the "create page" page:

  • Free Resource Page (see Template:Freebiebox for a list of what can be easily added to this template, including tags for what its license is and whether it's free)
    • Free Resource Page - character for V4 by Syltermermaid
    • Free Resource Page - wardrobe by Wilmap
  • Creator Category Page
  • Index Page for Faces and Morphs
  • Index Page for Materials and Shaders
  • Index Page for Wardrobe

Proposed Templates[edit]

This is the place to propose page boilerplates for discussion. Boilerplates should be moved to the list above when finalized, or deleted if rejected. (As of May 2, 2018, nothing has been rejected.)

Themed Page Template is a proposed "boilerplate" framework for themed pages, something that can be copied and pasted to form the basis of a new page. It's not technically a "template" in the wiki sense.