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This list of free resources by justlastknight ("jlk" on ShareCG, "Structure" on Renderosity) was compiled on December 24, 2016. Additions are being made "automagically" to some sections as pages for JLK's free resources are added to the wiki.

As yet, only the ShareCG and Renderosity links for the resources are guaranteed to be listed - JLK's DeviantArt site has not yet been indexed.

Faces and Morphs[edit]

Morphs for Michael 4[edit]

Morphs for Millennium Big Cat[edit]

Morphs for Millennium Dog[edit]

Morphs for Victoria 4[edit]

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

131 Poser Materials
169 Assorted Materials
The Autumn Collection
The Camo Collection
Happy Halloween
Metals Mats
Party time ( textures )
Pinstripes for Poser
!Portrait Studio Party Ballon and glass materials
Procedural Materials
rock materials for poser
The Silk Collection
Silky - 72 materials for Poser (link fixed)
Simply Silky
The Suede Collection
The Velvet Collection

MATs for Generation 3 figures[edit]

MATs for Michael 4[edit]

MATs for Victoria 4[edit]

Hair MATs[edit]

The Dye shop for Reby Hair
Hair Colours for 3D Universe' Ranger Hair
mat poses for Aether Hair

Other MATs[edit]

Feathered Wings - Colorama (Mat Poses)
Macabre for Hot South
Naughty Shirts for Bad Attitude
Oldies but Goodies for raiver top





The Planets - Updated
The Planets 2
The Sun


Kitchen Units
Reflective Wall mirror
Simple Desk
Simple Furniture Props
a simple seat


Extending Ladder




Poser Scripts[edit]

Border Overlay Pro (POSER) OR
Change image filter (updated)
Daz Animals (Updated Scripts)
easy DoF for Poser OR
Expression Master & Border Overlay (POSER) OR
Image Info, script for poser OR
Image Lister (updated)
List Custom PBMs (for biscuits)
Mirror Eyes for poser
Mirror My Pose (POSER)
OptionScript ( for Kalypso )
Poser Only - Random pose script
Poser Python Remove AO Script
reset figure OR
Scale And Drop To Floor (Updated)
Set shadows to Raytrace
Toggle IDL / SSS Poser Python Script
Toggle IK Pack
Toggle Light Emitter Script
Zero Dials


Abstract Backgrounds

Poses and Expressions[edit]

Poses for Antonia[edit]

Poses for Dawn[edit]

Poses for Dusk[edit]

Poses for Kids 4[edit]

Poses for Koshini[edit]

Poses for Lusitana +[edit]

Poses for Michael 3[edit]

Poses for Michael 4[edit]

Poses for Miki 4[edit]

Poses for Millennium Cat[edit]

Poses for Millennium Dog[edit]

Poses for Millennium Horse[edit]

Poses for Roxie[edit]

Poses for Victoria 4[edit]

Poses for Victoria 6[edit]

Other Poses[edit]

biscuits' backdrop props NFC.png Unavailable
Character scaling poses for Poser
Feathered Wings Poses (for Meeshy)