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Freebies come from somewhere... This page is a meta-list: a list of lists of freebies.

This is not a complete list of sites with free resources. (We don't even promise to have all of the freebie sites listed at Morphography's "3D Links Collection".) We don't knowingly list warez sites, or sites that have items that sexualize minors. If you know of a site that isn't here, isn't a warez site, and doesn't have items that sexualize minors, please add it to this list in the "Sites that need to be listed" section. (And if any of the sites that are listed here are warez sites, please remove them from the list.)

If you have time, please list what's on these sites to the appropriate pages here (unless we've asked you not to), and create new pages as needed.

Here is a partial list of where one can find many, many freebies.

Lists that have been made[edit]








Other Indexing Sites[edit]

Sites that need to be listed[edit]

Some resources from some of these sites are already listed in this wiki. Other resources still need to be listed; in the meantime, links to the sites are listed here.

Please note that sites tagged "the last valid version stored in the Internet Archive" may be incomplete. There is nothing that can be done about this; the sites are listed on the idea that an incomplete set of freebies is better than no freebies at all.







DeviantArt Sites[edit]

Searches for Poser or Daz Studio resources on DeviantArt:

Sites on DeviantArt with Poser or Daz Studio resources include:

Collections of free resources and artwork by other DA members, who might or might not already be listed above, include: