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This list of free resources available at Ullis 3D-Welt was compiled on 3 September 2016. All downloads were created by Ulrich Hoffmann.

(Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)The majority of these items are NSFW (not safe for work).

License: "All downloads are the property of Ulrich Hoffmann. They are free for private and/or commercial use for the rendering of pictures. You may not distribute them, in parts or as a whole, without the permission of the owner."


Morphs for Aiko 3[edit]

Genital morphs, Pubic morphs und Nippel morphs for Aiko 3 LE

Morphs for G2 Jessi[edit]

Morphs for G2 Males[edit]

Morphs for G2 Sydney[edit]

Morphs for Michael 3[edit]

Package Deformer for M3

Morphs for Miki[edit]

Breastmorph Set1 Injection (fourth from bottom)
full body morph (fifth from top)
Figure Injection
nine full body morphs (second from bottom)
Fuller-Breast-Injection (third from top)
Miki Bodymorphs
hip, thigh, and breast morphs (top of page)
Mons Injection (bottom of page)
Nipps small Injection (third from bottom)
Overweight-Injection (fourth from top)
Pregnancy Injection (second from top)

Morphs for Miki 3[edit]

Morphs for Victoria 3[edit]

Mrs. Bodybuilder

Morphs for Victoria 4[edit]

Morph-Injection for the free Succubus Playsuit
the free Succubus Playsuit appears to be no longer available (top of page)
Simple genitals for Victoria 4 (bottom of page)


Syringe or A-Douche for Poser and D|S (top of page)
Vacuum Pump for Poser 4 - 6
for the anatomically-correct male figures (bottom of page)