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This list of free items by Digi-Dotz was compiled on December 20, 2015.

These are designed for use in Daz Studio 4.5+


Smaller nose morph for Dawn figure link to the download)
Longer Legs morph for Dawn link to the download)



Free Belt for Daz Genesis link to the download)
StrapTop for Genesis 2
Wavey Skirt for Genesis 1


Poses for Genesis[edit]

Addicted to Daz BVH GENESIS pose
"a dodgy Animated Guitarist pose"
Pose mix for Genesis OR link to the download)


Football for Daz Studio
Heart Hand Bag Daz 4.5 OR link to the download)


Apples and Basket prop for daz studio OR link to the download)


Sofa for DAZ Studio
UniLab Table and Chair OR

Set Dressing[edit]

Cheap Curtains for Daz Studio link to the download)
Little Bridge for Daz 4.5 OR link to the download)
Window Blinds Prop OR


Ladder Prop for Daz Studio OR


Bow and Arrow OR


strange room prop for daz studio link to the download)


Free HDR Lights for Daz Iray link to the download)
Secluded Beach HDRI Presets for Daz Studio link to the download)

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

honeycomb shader for daz 4.5 OR
Free Marble Texure
Marble Shader Preset for Daz Studio 4.8
metal swirl texture
Kiss-Kiss iRay Material Preset
Sci Shader Presets for Daz Studio


Basic Genesis clothes rigging in Daz Studio 4.5
Creating a Single Dial Morph in Daz Studio 4.7
HDR export from Unreal Engine to Daz Studio
Saving Partial Poses in Daz Studio 4
Transfer Genesis morphs to Genesis 2 in Daz Studio 4.7