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This list of free items by Mirabilis was updated on February 11, 2016.


FluffyHair for V4, with the "Red" MAT applied


Michael 4[edit]

Nail Extensions for M4/H4

Aiko 3[edit]

Victoria 3[edit]

Victoria 4[edit]

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

Textures for Lenya for V4[edit]

Lenya Collection 1 OR
Lenya Halloween OR
Lenya Xmas OR

Textures for Solar Flux[edit]

Solar Flux Boots
Solar Flux GreenGold
Solar Flux SilverBlue
Solar Flux Xmas
Solar Flux XXmas

Textures for Other Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Elanor Xmas OR
Southern Dream for V4 A4 Collection 1 OR
Summer Flats Freebie


Elven Lamp prop OR

Textures for Paid Props[edit]

FlagsRed for Flags'n'More