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This list of free resources by Mistress Saeko was updated on 29 June 2017.

Aiko 3 wardrobe[edit]

Genesis 2 Female wardrobe[edit]

Fiend Hunter for Genesis 2 Female
Leather Skirt Suit for Genesis 2 Female

Terai Yuki 2 wardrobe[edit]

Dynamic Witch outfit for Terai Yuki 2 or (fifth from top)
Evening Gown or (fourth from bottom)
Hip Hop Groupie for Terai Yuki 2 or (fifth from bottom)
Kara for Terai Yuki 2
Cosplay: Supergirl or
Kerchief Top or (third from bottom)
Lady for Terai Yuki 2 or (third from top)
Princess of Power
Cosplay: She-Ra or or (middle of page)
Sorceress for Terai Yuki 2 or (second from top)
Thigh Boots (fourth from top)
Valkyrie Costume or (bottom of page)

Victoria 3 wardrobe[edit]

Victoria 4 wardrobe[edit]

Victoria 4 morphs[edit]

Michael 4 Props[edit]

C-Ring Prop
Should fit any penis, but was designed around Michael 4. Included is a morph for Michael 4’s genitals.