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This list of free resources that were hosted on the now-defunct Ness Period Reproductions website was compiled on March 2, 2016. Considering that these resources are currently available only through the Wayback Machine, this page is not likely to change.

License: "You may use these textures in any non-profit product. You may not use these textures or model in any commercial product without the author's express written permission. You MAY use the model in commercial renders."


Prop wardrobe, unless otherwise noted.


Food Resources[edit]


Drawer Steps, with three drawers and two cabinets opened


Law Enforcement[edit]

Medical Props[edit]

Musical Resources[edit]

Needlework Paraphernalia[edit]

Smoking Paraphernalia[edit]

Humidor, with the lid open

Toys and Games[edit]


Writing Paraphernalia[edit]