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This list of free Poser resources by Steve Pedler was compiled on 9 January 2016. There is also a large collection of Cinema4D resources on the Microbion site; those are out-of-scope for this wiki.

License: "All the items shown on this page are free for personal or commercial use. The only condition is that if used commercially, it would be very nice if you could acknowledge me as the source in any accompanying documentation. But I don't insist on it!"


Autopsy instruments
"scalpel, hand axe, saw, bone chisel, mallet, retractor, butcher knife, and large syringe" (seventh from top)
Bird table (bottom of page)
"A simple prop to represent a corpse dangling from a tree, scaffold, etc." (top of page)
Bug spray (third from top)
with separate canvas prop (sixth from bottom)
Fly gun (fourth from top)
Goblet (sixth from top)


office desk, suitable for use in a "cube farm" (second from bottom)
Lounger (third from bottom)


Novelty earring
Christmas-tree earrings, smartpropped to Victoria 3; "The 'LEDs' can be animated to let them flash" (fifth from top)


Figure Textures[edit]

for EmotiGuy (fifth from bottom)

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

More Dreams
for Sweet Dreams for Victoria 3, no longer available (second from top)
7 textures for DAZ Staci
for Staci Basics! (fourth from bottom)


Making reflections in poser AND AND
Using magnets in poser
Using the DAZ Millennium Dragon