Freebies by avalontree

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This list of free resources created by Avalontree was re-created on April 3, 2016.

This list does not include Avalontree's Bryce, Photoshop, or 2D resources.


Lord Elrond for Michael 1&2
Cosplay: Lord of the Rings (top of page)


Clock with a cuckoo (second from top, right column)
Curtain (second from top, left column)
The Gate of Moria
Cosplay: Lord of the Rings (second from bottom, left column)
Oriental Style Fan (bottom of page)
Pie with plate (second from bottom, middle column)
Snowman (second from top, middle column)
Swing (second from bottom, right column)


3 new poses for Poser4 Cat (fourth from bottom)
4 fantasy poses for Sara (third from top)
4 poses for Poser4 child (fifth from bottom)
5 summer poses for Victoria PreTeen (second from top)
10 poses for Koshini (fourth from top)

Poses for MayaDoll[edit]

6 poses inspired by painting of Lois[sic] Royo (fifth from top)
18 poses (sixth from top)

Poses for P4 Woman[edit]

3 Pin-Up poses for Poser4 woman (bottom of page)
6 disco-poses for Poser4 woman (third from bottom)
6 fantasy poses for Poser4 woman (second from bottom)

Poses for Victoria 1-2[edit]


Hi-Res PhotoTexture for DAZ Cyclorama (top of page)


Fantasy Lights for Poser Scenes (top of page)