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This list of free items at Content Paradise was compiled on August 30, 2015. It does not include limited-time or limited-quantity freebies.

Content Paradise ceased operating as an independent store in late 2018. These may or may not have been migrated to Renderosity or other online stores; however, the download links on this page are no longer active. These are No longer legally available from Content Paradise.


Anime Super Warrior Hair
for Michael 4; Cosplay: Dragon Ball Z
for Beast of Babylon
Manga Doll Hair Package 1
Receding Hairline for Sheepers Toon Sheep|Sheepers
Sweet Shanna For Skye

Hair Refits[edit]

G2 James hair for TY2 kit
refits G2 James Barbarian Hair to Terai Yuki 2
G2 Jessi Hair Refitted for Miki 2.0
Miki2 hair fits Terai Yuki2
Miki 2.0 Hair Refitted for G2 Females
Olivia hair fit for Empress Hair for Terai Yuki 2 Empress Hair TY2


Poses for Alyson[edit]

P8A Pin-Up Poses

Poses for Circus Tiger[edit]

("Circus Tiger" is apparently no longer available)

Circus Tiger Props & Poses

Poses for Genesis 2 Female[edit]


Poses for Michael 3[edit]

Freebies for MrSparky's Dino Truck
KPL Motorhome Poses for M3

Poses for Michael 4[edit]

M4 Poses for Personal Watercraft

Poses for Vincent Parker[edit]

Vincent Parker (VPM1) Pose Set 1


Aircraft 707: E-3 Sentry and KC-135
AtoZ DetailTime III Barriers FREE#1 Sign v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime V Retaining/Security Walls ADD-ON FREEBIE 2 Marble v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime V Walls FREEBE #3 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime VI Security FREEBE#1 v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime VII Gutters AddOn Freebe#1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ Free Corner Add On for Steampunk Building Kit Exterior from Tiger9166
AtoZ FREE Shelf Add On Shelf Steampunk Bldg Kit Exterior by Tiger9166
AtoZ FREE Steampunk Missle Case And Rack from Tiger9166 and AtoZ
AtoZ FREE Steampunk Truck Troop/Passenger Bench v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ Quad Cannon Free Lighter from Tiger9166
AtoZ Steampunk Add On Under Shelf for StmPnkBldgKitExterior by Tiger9166
AtoZ Steampunk Building Kit Exterior FREEBE1 by Tiger9166
AtoZ Steampunk FREE Gat Tripod FLOOR MOUNT from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
AtoZ Steampunk Quad Cannon Add On Tamper and Sponge v1 from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
AtoZ Steampunk Quad Cannon Add On Water Bucket v1 from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
AtoZ Steampunk Quad Trailer FREE Wheel Chock by Tiger9166
AtoZ Steampunk Truck FREE Add On Divider v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ_Free_SkyRail_Slider_Massive_Vertical_AddOn_v1 from Tiger9166
Barr Beacon Memorial (for Poser)
Bullbars and Fog Lights for ATV Quad
Poser only
Cemetary Fence for Darklyn Wood
Chopping Block Motorhome Add-on
Cloth Roll
COF Morphing Butterfly Lattice
DarbyDale Park: Gazebo, Bridge, Fence
Display Boxes
Ferris wheel / Rießenrad
FREE Car Ramp for your Garage from AtoZ/Tiger9166
Free Coffin
FREE Gattling Gun Shield v1 from Tiger9166
for AtoZ Steampunk 16Barreled Double Gattling Gun and Tripod by Tiger9166
FREE Jack Stand for Poser 4 & Up
FREE Mechanic's Shp Roll Around Cart from Tiger9166
Free Morphing Towbar
FREE Steampunk Gattling Gun Tripod Brace from Tiger9166
FREE Steampunk Gat Case ADD ON #2 from Tiger9166
FREE Wheel Chock for your Trunk or Garage from AtoZ/Tiger9166
FREEBES for Tradeshow 2 the MAX! from Tiger9166
Freebies for MrSparky's Dino Truck
Godhead Prop (for Poser)
GPS Navigator
Hover It! FREE Air Intake Deflector from Tiger9166
Hover It! FREE Control Console & Lightbar from Tiger9166
KPL Free Volleyball
KPL Instant-Up Canopy
Mauron Eye
Cosplay: Lord of the Rings
Mega Christmas Model Pack
Merlin's Free Rope Bridge
Molecule Methan CH4
Mr, & Mrs. Snowman
Oriental Bridge, A Scene Prop For Poser
Poser Scene Prop, American Indian Tepee
Puzzle Box from Hell
Cosplay: Hellraiser
PzVg Interior and Exterior Add-on
Scatterd Fall Leaves.. Wavefront Obj & Bryce 7 obp
Shopping Bag
Snowman 2012
Snowy] Tail Prop
Steampunk FREEBE Add On for the Gat Case v1 from Tiger9166
Steampunk Pipes And Wires FREE Power Line Insulator by Tiger9166
Surfboard + Roof rack for Sand Buggy by apcgraficos
Surfboard Prop (for Poser)
Tetris pieces (Tetrominoes)
Toon Floor
Topiary Trees
US Truck Bonus Cargo Models
Veeple: Weapons Set
Cosplay: Star Wars
Vertex Point: Signs and Paths
V4 Free Headpiece
Warning Sign - Explosive - Freebie
Wrapped Christmas Gift Box


Baylies Little House
Berlin House (for Poser)
Fantasy Towers
Free Tower
Joshua Pickles Pub
KPL Garage for Motorhome
Lily Pinks Cottage
Spooky Toon Castle
3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Town Workshop Freebie
Watertower (for Poser)


Photo Album

Circus Props[edit]

Circus Cannon Freebie
Circus Tiger Props & Poses


AtoZ DetailTime Useful Items 1 Add On FREE byTiger9166
COF Coffe Cup/Mug Prop (Poser Version)
Crystal Goblet
Delicious Cake
Food Container
Kitchen and Picnic Utensils
Toon Cupcake
Toon Ice Cream


Accent Tables
Contour Lounge (for Poser)
CoZy Kitchen Table & Benches
EvenSong Collection: Midnight Mist Bed
EvenSong Collection: Midnight Mist Lamp & Bed Stand
EvenSong Collection: Midnight Mist Vanity
EvenSong Collection: Oriental Evening Lamp & Bed Stand
EvenSong Collection: Oriental Evening-Bed
EvenSong Collection: Tropic Night Bed
EvenSong Collection: Tropic Night Lamp & Bed Stand
FairyTale Petal Lamp
FairyTale Table & Chairs
Free Baby Crib
FREEBES for Tradeshow 2 the MAX! from Tiger9166
Home Elements - Table Lamp
Kitchen Chair
Leather Sofa (for Poser)
Medieval Fantasy Table & Stool
Mythical Furniture: Briefing Table
Ravyn_Cozy Kitchens-Cabinets
Retro Style Lawn Chair
Sean's Lounger (for Poser)
Small Stand & Chair-Medieval Fantasy
Swirl Lamp (for Poser)
Wood Table


Personal Electronics[edit]

DVD Player
iPad and iPhone vector
Keyboard & Mouse (Spanish keyboard layout)
Mythical Furniture: Plasma Screen TV
PC Computer Case
TV or Monitor


AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs Plus FREEBIE v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs PLUS FREEBIE2 v1 from Tiger9166
FREE Hovering Traffic Sign v1 from Tiger9166
Road Sign FREE - Construction Series - from: Toger9166

Science Fiction[edit]

Bounty Series: The Bounty
Bounty Series: Squid One
The Invader
Spaceliner Opulence
Stinger Space Fighter - Free!
Cosplay: Aliens
T Virus Prop
Cosplay: Resident Evil
3DToons Space and beyond free Bundle
for Chip and Cookie
Weapons Rack
Cosplay: Aliens
Zaibora Nexus Probe


Hein The Painter


COF Caris' Toy Box
Freebies for MrSparky's Dino Truck
Toon Train
Toy Box and Blister Toy Package

Modular Bricks[edit]

Modular Brick Ambulance (for Poser)
Modular Brick Figure (for Poser)
Modular Brick Hats and Hair (for Poser)
Modular Brick Mini Ambulance Set (for Poser)
Modular Brick Two-In-One Ship (for Poser)


BMX bike
Draisine (for Poser)
DWC Truck (for Poser)
DWC-54 Ambulance
German E Boat Add-on (for Poser)
Grungy Old Boat
Gumdrop Voyager
Helicopter MMArts
Hover Cycle 3d Model
The Invader
"Isabella" Airship-Ferry
JAGDPanther (for Poser)
Patrol Boat (for Poser)
Steam Punk Stage Coach
3DToons Village Free Car
Toon Boat Freebie


Battle Pack Weapon Props
Chopping Block Motorhome Add-on
FlaK 88cm
Transport Bogies for Flak 88cm:
Flakvierling 38 Add-On
Free Bow and arrow add on for the battle pack weapon props.
German E Boat Add-on (for Poser)
JAGDPanther (for Poser)
PAK40 Axis Artillery Gun (for Poser)
Sci-Fi Gun


Car Showroom (for Poser)
Columna Wall
DSU- Distance Simulation Unit (for Poser)
DSU Bonus Pack (for Poser):
The Facility
French Village
Hedgemazes Set 1 (for Poser)
Hedgemazes Set 2 (for Poser)
Holographic/Transporter Platform Scene
Sky Dome
Solitary Trunk
Sparky's Haunted House Freebie


Grass Props for Poser Easter Eggs
uses Poser hair for the grass; will not work in DS


Rain Forest Fantasy Portrait Lights
2 Free New Tinzel Lights


In Vitro - DAZ monkey
Poser only; requires In Vitro and SilverKey 3d Monkey
Professional Gray Scale
VPM1 Face Master Textures


Baby Zomb Phenomes and MAT Poses
Detective Holms Phenomes
Dr. Aybolit Phenomes
Dr Watson Phenomes
Karabas Phenomes (for Poser)
Madam Shapoklyak Phenomes
Malvina Phenomes and Mouth Morphs (for Poser)
Mr Been Phenomes
Shtirlec Phonemes
Voltman Phenomes

Seam Guides[edit]

Avro Lancaster PSD Guide
Texture Seam Guides
for G2 James, G2 Jessi, G2 Koji, G2 Sydney, and Miki
Texture Templates
for G2 James, G2 Jessi, G2 Kelvin, G2 Koji, G2 Males, G2 Simon, G2 Sydney, G2 Olivia, Miki 2, and Terai Yuki 2
Vincent Parker (VPM1) Texture Templates

Poser-Only Resources[edit]


D3D Pythons
12 Free Poser Python Scripts
Head Morph Eraser
XLC - eXtended Light Control for Poser 8 / Pro 2010


It didn't look like that in the promo...tutorial
using shaders
Making the Most of Weird Weather Tutorial
Poser and Advanced Rigging; Creating The Arachadonis (Sample Video)
Terraforming - using the Terraformers tutorial

2D Resources[edit]

Bow Set 1
Merchant Resource
Bunny Christmas Tubes
Chocolate Guitar's
Chocolate Guitars II
Free Halloween Backs
Free Snowy Scenes
Free Tropic Backgrounds
Great Sky-Backgrounds/Merchant Resource
Happy 2011 Free
Hearts Galore..Fabric Patterns
Hero Pack #1
Love Song
Metal Fire Frames
Mirella`s Buttons
Nevas Nymphs in Black
Nevas Nymphs in Pink
Platform Set 1
10 Backgrounds
Puzzle Starter Pack
RPG Builder Pack #1
Sci-Fi Backgrounds
Space Games - Alien Bug Fleet
Space Games - Alien Fleet
Space Games - Human Fleet
Space Games - Special Fleet
Stars and Bubbles pack1
30 Beginner Backgrounds
Valentine Design Kit
Valentine's Day Freebie
Vehicle Set 2

Seamless Tiles[edit]

Geometric tones for MangaStudio
Print - Spot - Free Texture

Resources Outside the Scope of This Wiki[edit]


Bel Magazine Issue 1

Carrara Resources[edit]

Bazaar Meat Vendor Booth
Hanging Lamp & Stand
Hover Cycle Racer

Vue Resources[edit]

DSU- Distance Simulation Unit (for Vue)
FlaK 88cm
Jagdpanther (for Vue)
Old building
PAK40 Axis Artillery Gun (for Vue)
Patrol Boat (for Vue)

Anime Studio Resources[edit]

Anime Studio Cartoon Tracing Tutorial - Bessie
Anime Studio Cartoon Tracing Tutorial - Dexter
Anime Studio Drawing cartoon character from scratch
AS 7 Little Ghost
AS Animated Balloons
AS Anime Girl
AS Building
AS Girl
AS Holiday Bear
AS Lamp Collection
AS Roll Top Desk
AS Smiling Girl
AS Sports Pack
AS Streetlamp Pack
Bar Props for Anime Studio
Character : Fantasy Series - Creature 1
Classroom for Anime Studio
Clown Car
Digital City Skyline
Easter Island Head Statue
Flint Axe
Free 2D Props and Characters for Anime Studio by Parker
Funny Character 2
Moving Field
Rocket Launcher
Sci-Fi Space Lazer Weapon
Stars and Stripes
The surface of a planet with fresh water oceans

Manga Studio Resources[edit]

Geometric tones for MangaStudio
Manga Studio 5 Trial
Secret Santa Screentone Pack

Photoshop Resources[edit]

Other Free Items[edit]