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This list of free resources hosted at was compiled on October 29, 2014.

Faces and Morphs for Michael 4[edit]

Russell Character Morphs for Michael 4 Enhanced
2 sets of .pz2 PMD injects for a Russell character head morph for M4 Enhanced

Wardrobe for David 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 4[edit]



6 Nipple Piercings for M4
6 nipple pierces, 3 pairs are smart-propped to M4's chest
M4 Hipster Glasses
smartpropped horn rim glasses for M4
M4 Jewelry Pack 2
11 smartpropped jewelry bits for nose, ears, neck, wrists & fingers
M4 Jewelry Pack 3 - 8 Spike piercings for Michael 4
set of 8 spikes for M4's lip, sides of the nose, ears, & forehead in singles or groups of 3
M4 Jewelry Pack 4
4 versions of a gold-studded silver ring & 2 versions of a spiked wrist band
M4 Jewelry Pack 5
8 left and right of drop earrings, hoop earrings, finger rings, 2-metal rings (thirds), rubber bracelets, & sparrow-skull rings

Wardrobe for Slon[edit]

Other Wardrobe[edit]

Collar for Noggin's Rat
a conforming collar with a smart-propped bow for Noggin's Rat

Wardrobe Materials[edit]

Poser Materials Poses (MT6) for Wayii's Steampunk Sith textures for Royloo's T2 M4 set
poser mc6 materials for Steampunk Sith
Poser Materials Poses (MT6) for Wayii's Diamond & Rust textures for Royloo's Battler set
poser mc6 materials for Diamonds & Rust


Five Horn Pairs for FemaSu PAE 2011
5 pairs of smart-propped and textured horns for FemaSu PAE 2011
Just Horns for M4
6 parented horn props fitted to M4
Oni Horns for M4 and V4
2 horn sets for M4 & V4, a smaller rear set and a curly rams' horn style front set
Poseable Handcuffs
poseable prop handcuffs & key
Smart Tablet Prop
low-poly iPad styled smart tablet prop with hand poses for M4 and V4
Window Seat Set
window seat vignette with a window that opens and closes

Poses and Expressions[edit]

Gardening Poses
a V4 potting and M4 raking pose
M4 Snarlz
14 angry fc2 expression poses for M4
Spywatch Fit Starter Poses
poses for The Frolex - Luxury/Spy Watch for Poser to place the watch on the left arm of a zeroed M4, V4, M3, or V3 figure so that you may easily fit and parent it


Glowing Eyes Tutorial
illustrated 13 step guide to postworking glowy eyes