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Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic - Freebies ceased operating after 2021. These may or may not have been migrated to Renderosity or other online freebie sites; however, the download links on this page are no longer active. These are No longer legally available from Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic.

Prop Wardrobe[edit]

Jewelry OBJ's
OBJ; bracelet and six pendants
Set of 12 Rings

Wardrobe for Antonia[edit]

Wardrobe for Baby Luna[edit]

Wardrobe for Blue[edit]

Wardrobe for BunnyGirl[edit]

Wardrobe for Cookie[edit]

Wardrobe for Creech[edit]

Wardrobe for Dawn[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 2 Female[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 2 Male[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 3 Female[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 3 Male[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 8 Female[edit]

Wardrobe for Gumdrops[edit]

Wardrobe for Kids 4[edit]

Wardrobe for Mavka[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 4[edit]

Wardrobe for My Michelle[edit]

Wardrobe for Pauline[edit]

Wardrobe for Pippin[edit]

Wardrobe for Roxie[edit]

Wardrobe for Star[edit]

Wardrobe for Toon Girl Sadie[edit]

Wardrobe for Victoria 4[edit]

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

All Hallows for Arah3d's Autumn Spirit Gown
Angel for Cherubim V4
April Colors for April Dress
Back to Basics for Aermy
Blair Witch Texture Pack for Sanbie's FaxF Outfit
for FAXmas Outfit for Dawn
Blue Snowflake for Sanbies FAXmas Outfit for V4
BQ for Amaranth's Get Funky Dress
Christmas Colors for Karmasine Dress
Christmas for eyefil's V4 Skating Dress
Christmas Stily for AS Stily
Colors for Karth Single Shirt
for Star SingleTop 2 ( Poser Version )
Colors for Sanbie's TC31 outfit
Colors for Shiloh Dress
Colors for Star's HH Shoes
Cookie Tuff Textures
Cookie's Elven
for Cookie Elven
Cool Pants for Pippen Pants
Cotton for AS My Vest for V4
Day Wear Textures K4
Dynamics for Amaranth's Dynamic Dress- Mavka
Fashion Swim for Pippen Swimwear
Funky Halloween for Amaranth's Get Funky
Fur Coat Textures V4
Glam for Short Dress V4
Goth Girls for Dreamwalker V4
Goth TC37 Outfit Textures
for Texture Challenge 37
Halloween for Cookie Off Dress
Halloween for Essential Sweater V4
Halloween for Floral Sundress V4/Cookie
Halloween for Sanbie's Conforming Outfit for Mavka
Halloween for Trumacar's Scampixie Pranx T-Shirt
Hoodie Sweater Textures M4
Karmasine Christmas for Sanbie's Karmasine Dress
Laura CosPlay Textures
Leather for Sanbie's FAXmas Outfit V4
Loosey Goosey :: Dress Version
Loosey Goosey :: Overalls Version
Lovely Frilleys for Pippens Basket Frillys
Mahina Bodice Textures for AS Mahina Light Armor
My Little Pony Tees
for Scampie Tshirts
Neo Rockabilly Textures
Passion and Pink for AS Stily
Patriotic for EI's Sundress V4
Playtime Romper for Gumdrop's Romper
Pranx's Angry Birds Tees
for Scampie Tshirts
Pretty for Pippens Overalls
for Pippin Overalls and the smaller boots from Coat for Pippin
Pretty Punk Dreams for San-Deni's * Gothic Dreams V4
Pretty Sandals for Sione Gathered Skirt- Shirt Sandals K4
Retro for Flared Dress V4
Sadie Hula Girl Textures
Scampixie Random Tees
for Scampie Tshirts
Scottish Tartan for TC51 for V4
Shiloh Dress Textures
Shine on Zoel for AS Zoel V4
Simply for Simple Leotard V3
Soft and Sione for Sione Summertime Dress/Sandals
Springtime LO fr Mairy's Free Xmas Dress
Sweet christmas for Sanibies FAXmas Outfit
Sweetest Sweater for V4 Sweet Sweater
TA 4 Cookie
for April Dress and the shoes from Summer Wear for Cookie
Textures for Dawn's TC33 Dress by Sanbie
Textures for TC9 dress for Mavka
designed by NitaB
Textures for TC9 Dress for Mavka
designed by TinyAngel Art
Textures for Twiggy Dress
Trumarcar's Scampie Hoodie
Trumarcar's Scampie Hoodie - 3 Pack
Xmas for Sanbies TC30 K4 Outfit

Textures for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Textures for Gaia for Victoria 4[edit]

Gaia Christmas for Gaia Dress
Halloween for Gaia Dress V4

Textures for the Morphing Fantasy Dress[edit]

Textures for Sugar[edit]

Halloween Fall Flowers for Sweet As Sugar A3 & V4
Spring flowers for Sweet As Sugar A3 & V4
Sugared Star Anise for A3-V4
Sweet Halloween for A3-V4

Textures for Other Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Angelissa Cap Textures
Chic for Genesis Expansion
for Chic for Genesis
Colors for Hot Genesis
for Hot Genesis
Colors for Lovely
for Lovely for Genesis
Colors for Star Summer!
for STAR Summer
Cookie's Grown Up 4 Textures
for Grown Up 4
Country Parfait for Gumdrops Parfait Outfit
Dazzling for Genesis Expansion
for Dazzling for Genesis
Elegant Corsair V4
Fabulous for Genesis Expansion
for Fabulous Dress for Genesis
For OOT's Black Dress and Sanbie's HighHeel Shoes
for Black Dress for STAR by littlefox and the free STAR SHOES
For Star Everyday
Star Everyday is Unavailable
Future Runner for Captain Runner
GoneCountry Cowgirl for Hongyu's Cowgirl 5
for Hongyu's CowGirl 5 for V4 A4 G4 Elite
Gorgeous for Genesis Expansion
for Gorgeous Dress for Genesis
GothishB for B-urgandy Goth Outfit Exclusive
Grey Days for LO
for the outfit that comes with Little One
Halloween Evening for Mavka's Evening Dress
for Mavka Evening Dress
Halloween for Autumn Sunshine Fairy Dress K4
Halloween for Fairy Gown V4
Halloween for Hot Girl III
for Hot Girl III
Halloween Textures for Cookie's Goth Gown
Halloween Witch V4
for Witchy dress for V4
Hippie for Long Jacket for Dawn
Hot Bunny for LE BunBunSuit
Independence for Long Jacket for Dawn
Irish Christmas Sadie's Irishmiss Outfit
Karanta Christmas for Mavka's Karanta Summer Dress
Krazy Jersey Dress
for Hongyu's JerseyDress for V4
Malvada Colors V4
for Malvada for V4
Mavka's Colors for Amaranth's Basic Outfit
for A-Basics for Mavka
for The Nun
OFW Halloween for Fairy Gown V4
Pendantic Kid :: Long Sleeve Shirt
for elleque's "Pedantic Kid"
Punked Christmas for SteamPunk Bundle
Scampixie Adventures
for Scampixie Adventure and Scampixie Adventure Addon
Small and Lovely Christmas
Snowflake Colors for Sadie's Midnight Blue Dress
Triple Vortex for Vortex M4
for Vortex Outfit for M4/H4
Websuit V4
for Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit

Textures for No-Longer-Available Wardrobe[edit]

Easter Long Dress K4
for Bucketload3d's "K4 Long Dress", no longer available
Funky Art for Messy Art Swimsuit
for "Messy Art Swimsuit", no longer available
Funky Art for Messy Art Swimsuit Bonus Pack
for "Messy Art Swimsuit", no longer available
Funky Dot for Dot Spent Bikini
for "Dot Spent Bikini", no longer available
Funky Dot for Dot Spent Bikini Bonus Pack
for "Dot Spent Bikini", no longer available
Guilty Frostbite for BO's Guilty Dress
for "Guilty Dress", no longer available
Halloween for Cookie's Kiwi Outfit
for Tutti Frutti: Kiwi Dress for Cookie and Tutti Frutti: ;Kiwi Accessories for Cookie
Halloween Hearts for aoaio's Heart Dress
for the Heart Dress by aoaio (no longer available)
Happy 4th Yesin for Wind of Yesim V4
for Wind of Yesim Dress Set for Victoria 4.2 + Bonus (62 Camera)
Little Wizard Colors for Mavka's Little Wizard
for Little Wizard Outfit for Mavka, no longer available
Long Dress Textures K4
for Bucketload3d's "K4 Long Dress", no longer available
MultiMix for Refine Dress
for "Refine Dress for V4 by 9mbi", no longer available
Savaged Beast for Savagery Bikini
for "Savagery Bikini by 9mbi", no longer available
Sheer Elegance Party for Sleek Elegance
for "Sleek Elegance", no longer available
Your Baby Doll for MA's BabyDoll and Kaiz Tessa Bikini bottoms
for "the Mirandus Arts Baby Doll and Kaiz tessa bikini", no longer available
MoonDance for AS Moon Dancer
for Moon Dancer, no longer available
PreSchool Girl Textures
for Millennium Preschool Girl Essentials clothing, no longer available

Wardrobe Refits[edit]

Refits for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Santa's Little Helper Hair Fits/Poses for Santa's Helper
refits the hat in Santas Helper for V4 to fit Foxy Hair, Gwenith Hair, Lada Hair, Paris 65 Hair, or Twin Fair Hair