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This list of free resources hosted at and was updated on 11 December 2016.

This list does not yet include the Fantasy Attic's 2016 Christmas Fantasies or the 2017 Halloween and Christmas giveaways. (We were waiting until these freebies had their permanent download links... and forgot to stop waiting.)

Some items have more than one resource type; these are listed on more than one sub-page.

Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic - Freebies ceased operating after 2021. These may or may not have been migrated to Renderosity or other online freebie sites; however, the download links on this page are no longer active. These are No longer legally available from Fantasies Realm and the Fantasies Attic.


These are outside the scope of this wiki; they are listed here for completeness:



Many of these are outside the scope of this wiki; they are listed here for completeness.

Seamless Tiles - which are within this wiki's scope - have their own page.

2 Christmas Cards
3 Backgrounds
3 Fantasy Wing Backs and 6 Fantasy Wings
3 Snow Faeries
4 Backgrounds
4 Fantasy Rooms
4 Fractal Holiday Backs
4 sets of Presenters
5 Backgrounds (Updated)
5 Frames
5 Halloween Backgrounds
5 Teacups
6 Fantasy Backgrounds
6 Halloween Backgrounds
6 Hand Painted Ornaments with Bows [PSD]
6 Hi-Res Backs
7 Backgrounds
7 Fabrics
8 Backgrounds
8 Hi Res Backdrops
9 Hi-Res Backgrounds
10 Backgrounds 2D
10 Backs
10 Eggs
10 Fantasy Backs
10 PNG 2d
10 white Overlays
11 Shadow Backgrounds
12 Decorative Elements
12 Fractal Backs
12 Hallow Backs
13 Halloween Backgrounds Hi-Res
13 Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump & Textures
15 Victorian Hearts [psd]
17 Assorted Backgrounds
18 Shapes
23 Backgrounds
25 Photographic Backgrounds
25 Photographs
28 Vases
30 Glitzy Ornaments [PSD]
32 Gem Assortment
32 Square and Round Gems - Tubes
64 Gems [psd]
2010 Halloween Backgrounds
2011 Backgrounds 2D
2011 HallowBacks 2D
2011 Valentine Backgrounds
2015 Flame Fractal Backs
2015 Hallow Backs
2015 Halloween Backgrounds
2015 Halloween Backs
2015 Halloween Ghosts Set 1
2015 Halloween Ghosts Set 2
2015 Halloween Monster Tubes
2015 Halloween Whimsical Background Set
2015 Skull Circle Halloween Backs
Aladdin Alphabet & Number set
Ali's Backs
All Glitzed Up
Angels & Faes 1
Angels & Faes 2
Anita's Scapes
Armed Characters
Assorment of 9 Items [psd]
Assorted Backgrounds
Autumn Magic Scrap Kit
Background and Tubes
Background Images
Backgrounds and Frames
Backgrounds for Holiday Season 2015
Backgrounds for Mummy
Basket of Flowers
Bea's SnowFlakes Alphabet
Beautiful Backgrounds
Beautiful Places Backgrounds
Beautiful Web Sets
Beautiful Websets
Beijing Photographic Backgrounds
Bits of Christmas Decorations
BLJ Halloween Backs and Tubes Set
Blow Your Mind
Boo's Backs
Borders and Images
Bow Set
BQ's The Framez (Exclusive)
Build Your Own Winter Background Kit
Calling Cards
Charming Ladies
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Christmas 2015 Backgrounds
Christmas Backgrounds Pack
Christmas Decorations Kit
Christmas Dogs
Christmas Tags
Confetti-Ornaments and Ribbons 2010
Cutie Valentine
Dark Gothic Backgrounds
Darkly Erie[sic]
Deck The Tree
Designs - Frames - Buttons
Drago Flames Alphabet
Dreams of the World Backs
Easter Scrap Kit
Elven Evening Sampler
Everyday Backs
FA's Christmas freezone
Faberge Egg
Fae Boy
Fae Village
Fairy Backs
Fairy Wings
Fantasy Attic Alphabet
Fantasy Backgrounds
Fantasy Backs
Fantasy Eye MakeUp
Fantasy Pack 2012 (Exclusive)
Fantasy Vol. 1
Fantasy Vol. 2
Fantasy Wings 1
Fantasy Wings 2
Fantasy Wings 3
Fantasy Wings 4
Felt Christmas Stocking
Frame It Up
FRM-Painted Skies Exclusive
Fun in the Snow
Fungi 1
G's Backgrounds 2D
G's Backs 2 2D
Gals 'N Pals
Gems and Stones
GHB HallowBacks 2D
Gift Tags
Gothic Lolita Style Wings Set
GraveYard Ghosts Backgrounds
Grounds 1
Grunge Alphabet
Hallow Backs
Halloween 2013 Backs
Halloween Backs-Tubes
Halloween BG's
Halloween BG's
Halloween Feathered Wings
Halloween Freebie Pngs
Halloween Jewelry .PSD
Halloween Jewelry .PSD
Halloween png's
Halloween PNG's Set 1
Halloween PNG's Set 2
Halloween PNG's Set 3
Halloween PNG's Set 4
Halloween Silhouettes
Halloween Skellies
Halloween Vignettes
Hanzhou Background Photographs
Head Gear
Hi- Res Backdrops
Hidden Manchestar Scenes (Photographs)
Holiday Backgrounds commercial Size
Intense Alice png's
Italique Flames Alphabet
Jackie Frost
Lace Assortment
Lace Wings
Love Letters
Lovely Ladies Bundle-PSP
Manta Bats
Marcia's Hallowed Backs
Midnight Angel
Midnight Cutie
MM's Halloween Bg's
Moody Backs
Moon Backgrounds
Nancy's Backs
NightShots 1
Nita's Christmas BG's
Nita's Christmas BG's 2
Nita's Christmas BG's 3
North Backgrounds
Oddz N Endz
Orbs and Planetoids
Ornaments with Background
Other Worlds & Blurred Worlds
OZ Orchids 1
OZ Orchids 2
OZ WildFlowers 1
OZ WildFlowers 2
P's Assortment
Painted Backs 1
Painted Backs 2
Painted Skies
Paper Lanterns
Pathways Backdrops (Photographs)
Pear Shaped Gems
Peruvian PhotBacks
Photograph Backgrounds
Places For You
Portrait Bundle
Portrait Pack
Pranx ABC's
Pranx by Number
Pumpkin Head Fred
RG's Backs
RMA's Fantasy Backs 1
RMA's Fantasy Backs 2
RMA's Fantasy Backs 3
RMA's Fantasy Backs 4
RMA's Fantasy Backs 5
RMA's Fantasy Backs 6
RMA's Fantasy Backs 7[1]
RMA's Fantasy Backs 7[1]
Sampler 1
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4
Sampler 5
Sampler 6
Santa's New Ride
Seasonal Banners
Shanghai PhotoBacks
Silhouette Design Tags
Sky Backs
Sky Shots
Souzhou PhotoBacks
Spooky Backgrounds 2010
Spooky Backgrounds 2011
Spooky Backgrounds 2012
Spooky Visions
Star Planet BG
Tea for Two
Tempting Fairies Set 1
Tempting Fairies Set 2
Tempting Fairies Set 3
Tempting Fairies Set 4
Tempting Fairies Set 5
Texture Frenzie MR
Through the Window Backs
by OldFashionedWoman
Throught the Windows Backgrounds
by Llola Lane
To Hell and Back Background Set
Toon Tree Backgrounds
Torn Paper Kit
Umbrella's For You!
Valentine Backs
Valentine Ladies
Valentine Men
Valentine Scrap Kit
Valley of Spooks Backgrounds
Warm Winter Cookie
Water Backs
Web Style Buttons
White Witch
Winter Backgrounds
by Napalmarsenal
Winter Backgrounds
by TinyAngel Art
Winter Scenes


2 Halloween Backgrounds
5 Hi-Res Island Backgrounds
8 Spooky Trees Backs
2016 Holiday Giveaway Backgrounds
All Hallows Night Backs 2016
Disintergrate and Grunge Backs 2016
Halloween Backgrounds 2016
Halloween Backgrounds 2 2016
Halloween Backgrounds and Swirls
Season of the Witch
Wrecked & Warped Backgrounds


  1. 1.0 1.1 There are two freebies named "RMA's Fantasy Backs 7" - they are not the same resource.