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Nene Hair for V4 / A4.
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Redviper's delivery system is a page where content creator Redviper makes available older free resources. (Most of Redviper's newer free resources are hosted on ShareCG.)

In the order they appeared on the page on 5 November 2016, the free resources available at are:

camera with ringlight
file name: camera with
A set of Daz Studio IRAY camera presets that put fanciful "ringlight" reflections in a figure's eyes
Racing swimsuit for A4 Ver 1.1
file name:
modern one-piece swimsuit for Aiko 4
Sunny backyard Ver 1.0
file name:
an outdoor scene - a backyard with a fence and a clothes line. The clothes line can be removed and the ground replaced with a two-space parking lot
school swim suits for A4 Ver 2.1
file name:
swimsuit for Aiko 4, of a type used in Japanese high schools in the mid-to-late 20th century
Nene Hair for V4 / A4 Ver 1.0.1
file name:
bob-cut hairdo for Victoria 4, with optional hairband and hair clips
Lust control device for A4 Ver3.1
file name:
an "adult toy" for Aiko 4
Private beach Ver 1.0
file name:
inflatable pool and beach toys for "Sunny backyard Ver 1.0"
Nono hair for G2F ver 0.0.1
file name:
a Hime Cut hairdo for Genesis 2 Female
Nano bikini for A4 Ver 1.1
file name:
An extremely-minimal bikini - three small triangles and a few straps - for Aiko 4, with sandals
The hybrid onepiece BETA for A4 ver 0.1
file name:
sleeveless knee-length dress for Aiko 4 with a dynamic skirt
gymnastics_wear for A4 Expansion Kit
file name:
dirty and damaged textures/MATs for "gymnastics_wear for A4 Ver 1.1"
gymnastics_wear for A4 Ver 1.1
file name:
Japanese-style gymnast outfit for Aiko 4 - leotard, skirt, spats, tights, and toe shoes
Empty dirty warehouse Ver 1.0
file name:
an indoor scene
Dishabille_roomwear for A4 Ver 1.0
file name:
camisole, pants, brassiere, shorts, socks, and slippers for Aiko 4