Freebies hosted at Ziggies Model Emporium

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This list of free resources available at Ziggies Model Emporium was compiled on July 8, 2015. Most of these resources are also listed at Renderosity, but the links there redirect to ziggie's website.

As laid out under "FREE MODELS" at :

Wheelchair (P4/PPP version) Wheelchair (P6 version) V3 Short Arm Casts V3 Short Leg Casts
Bow and Arrow Set Police Play Set Raft Three (blank) Poser Posters
Circus See-Saw Circus Steps Circus Stand Circus Trampoline
Circus Flaming Ring Circus Hooters Circus Tightrope Wrapped Xmas Prezzies
Baby Bath Baby Crib Hospital/Medical folding screen Crutches for Poser People
Toy Sword Metronome Toon Baby Props ID Card
Boxes of Chocolates Chocolate Box ZME TV (empty)