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This list of free resources available at asART was updated on April 24, 2018.

The resources are available in OBJ and E3D formats.

License: "You are allowed to use and sale them in all of your projects."


ARCADES (fifth row, second from left)
The Hall (top row, second from left)
Tesla – Wardencliff Tower (top row, second from right)
Pavillon (second row, second from right)

Christmas Resources[edit]

Christmas Model Pack
nine models (top row, left column)

SF Resources[edit]

Light Saber
Cosplay: Star Wars (third row, left column)
Star Tracky Phaser
Cosplay: Star Trek (second row, left column)


AUDI R8 (sixth row, second from left)
HELICOPTER UH-60 (sixth row, left column)
Merkava Mark-I Tank (fourth row, second from right)

Other Props[edit]

The Book (fifth row, second from right)
Cordless Screwdriver (fourth row, left column)
Drink Can (third row, right column)
EXHIBITION TENT (sixth row, right column)
Fire Hydrant (third row, second from right)
Flat Screen TV (third row, second from left)
Oil Barrel (second row, right column)
RUNNING SOLDIER (fifth row, right column)
Security Camera (second row, second from left)
STREET SIGNS (fifth row, left column)
Survival Tent (top row, right column)
USB Memory Stick (fourth row, second from left)
WAITING ROOM CHAIR (sixth row, second from right)
XBOX Game Pad (fourth row, right column)