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Sadie’s Modern Girl.

This list of free resources available at was updated on 23 November 2016. All items were created by elleque.

License: ELLEQUE.NET Term of Use

Note: This list does not include the free resources available only to owners of Scampixie Pranx or Safari Avenue.


Halloween Junkies 2014 Jack
Halloween junkies Glutton Boo
Stuffed Bunny




Summer Casual Deck Shoes.

Wardrobe for Aiko 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Alexa 2[edit]

Wardrobe for Dawn[edit]

Wardrobe for Dwarvez[edit]

Wardrobe for Hiro 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Mavka[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 4[edit]

M4 Chain Necklace
Short Style for Michael 3

Wardrobe for Pauline[edit]

Wardrobe for Pippin[edit]

Boo! for Pippin Basket
Mary Jane for Pippin Basket
Rabbit Suit for Pippin Basket

Wardrobe for Scampixie Pranx[edit]

Wardrobe for Toon Boy Sam[edit]

Wardrobe for Toon Girl Sadie[edit]

Wardrobe for Victoria 4[edit]

Pearls for you.
Familiar Bikini Add On for V4.2
Secret Outer Dress for V4.2

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

Mat Poses for Shoes of Tropical Breezes and Hula Girl
for Tropical Breezes or Hula Girl for Sadie


Colorful Stationery 1
Colorful Stationery 2
Cosmic Chain
EP Player
Halloween Junkies 2014 Jack’s Container
Loosey-Goosey Pak1
Lovelies In My Life – Small Heart Bag –
Monster Book
Pippin Egg
Plush Charms

Food Resources[edit]

Cake Box
Candy Box
Chocolate Box
Food Jar for Poser 6
Game Aficionado – Cocktail Shaker
Pippin’s Tiny Table – French Toast
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Omelet
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Pasta
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Tableware


Dresser & Triple Mirror
Game Aficionad – Mini Bar Cabinet
Game Aficionado – Bar Stool
Game Aficionado – Mini Bar Stand
Kiddy Couch
Pippin’s Tiny Table – Dining Set

Toys and Games[edit]

Game Aficionado – DARTS
Rabbit Mobile Toy
Summer Casual Beach Ball