Freja set for Aiko 3

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Freja set for Aiko 3

Xin-Xin wearing Freja with Seidr textures. Xin-Xin has texture from the Freja set.
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Needed:Aiko 3

Freja set for Aiko 3 is a complete character for Aiko 3, consisting of a morph, a hairdo (sort of a loosely-tied ponytail), and custom wardrobe. She was created by Fredrik. Outfit consists of shoes, pants, dress, jewelry, cloak, and dagger.

Free resources for Freja set for Aiko 3 include:
Blue and Gold for Freja for Aiko
Freja Goth
Freja-Jade for DS
Freja-Jade for Poser
Freja Red and Gold megapack for Aiko
Red Silk
Freja-RedSilk for DS
Freja-RedSilk for Poser
Freja-Tiger for D|S
Freja-Tiger for Poser
Irish Goddess for Freja
Royal Purple for Freja
Seidr – for Fredrik’s Freja