Frog (Poser)

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Frog (Poser)
the original Poser 4 Frog (green) and the three textures from Avalontree
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Frog (Poser) is a figure for Poser. This figure is part of the base content included with Poser.

Free resources for Frog (Poser) include:
New, Improved Zygote Frog
Character/Morphs/Texture Map/Prop: This is a re-mapping of the P4 frog, and then I went nuts making bull frog and leopard frog and tree frog and poison arrow frog textures. Then I made morphs for the toes for sucker toes and to spread the webbing of the feet. And the inimitable ribbit morph! And messed with the scaling on the CR2s to create the tree frogs, and poison arrow frogs. And, finally, added a fakie tongue prop (kinda more like a chameleon tongue). This uses UVS encoding, you need UVMapper to use it (


Poser4 Frog
3 new textures choose 'for Poser4 animals'